Free Online Places to Help Others or Your Community-2


There are many ways to help the others and help the need , some engage in philanthropist activities and some engage in helping the poor etc. but here are some of the websites which through surfing or playing with the website you will help the persons of interest as those websites have special provisions to do it so.the World Hunger site donates money to help end starvation and all you have to do is click. It’s completely free and takes almost no time.Also there are some which requires you to make more digging so that you can help the need.Followings are the complete list of such websites where you can help others and yours community.

2.USA Freedom Corps. It provides basic search and advance search and apart from it many search features like zip code, state, and area of interest and the resultant of search will put the link to good volunteer websites with very simple user interface. It is a like a central hub of information or a mega volunteering network .

3.Volunteer Match. Area specific volunteer events can be found here. Search engine there. There is a search engine for virtual opportunities which is very good.Here you can find charity on the basis of yours skills to help the needy like web developers, research assistants, grammarians etc. You must register here which is free to avail these services.

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