Disable autorun on cdrom or usb drives


Auto run is enabled on windows xp, this puts your pc into potential malware risk or even virus infection,for the most part viruses and worms cirvumvate windows auto run feature, We should modify auto run on your computing devices to forbid it from existence septic  with some  infectious agent, malware or unpleasant persons.As Raymond CC in his blog writes “I can never forget that one nasty virus managed to get into my computer and corrupted all my executable (.exe) files because I was “careless” and tired after a hard days work. All I did was open My Computer, double click on the drive letter to access my USB pen drive and poof! that activated the virus via hidden autorun.inf.”

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Disabling AutoRunmeans you won’t get automatic loading of content, such as camera-conversion software.If every USB flash drives you touch is guaranteed to be free from viruses, you may decide not to disable Auto Run. But you probably can’t guarantee such a thing.Instructions for doing so at the Annoyances.org site describe (in technical language) how you can configure Auto Run by adding up decimal values.

This merely says ,even experts tends to be careless sometimes and as they are human and human bound to do errors so it is better to be protective than to be got infected.Here are several ways to disable the autorun function:


Iolo technologies, LLC

1.Disable Autorun with TweakUI.

Download from here ,

Run TweakUI
a Go to My Computer -> AutoPlay -> Drives
b. Uncheck the drive you wish to disable the AutoPlay function.
c. Navigate to My Computer -> AutoPlay -> Types
d. Uncheck Enable Autoplay for CD and DVD drives
e. Uncheck Enable Autoplay for removable drives
f. Click Apply button
g. Click OK button

2.Disable Auto run of cd drive and usb drive with Panda USB Vaccine remember this is in beta stage but it is working perfect in a healthy PC and it has also a rare option for vaccinate computer and also for remove the vaccinate so when you need to enable this option of auto run then you just run this portable software of 392 kb download to remove the vaccinate means enable the auto run, for deep analysis of this tool go here,

3.Disable Autorun with Group Policy Editor

Group Policy Editor only available with windows xp professional and it is not available with windows xp home.

a Go to Start -> Run
b. type GPEDIT.MSC
c. Click OK
d. Navigate to Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Template -> System
e. Double click Turn Off Autoplay
f. Select Enabled from the radio buttons
g. On the Turn off auto play dropdown box select All drives
h. Click OK button, Close Group Policy Editor

4.Disable Autorun with the Registry Editor

This is especially useful foe windows xp home users ,does not have the liberty to use group policy editor but this to work needs some registry knowledge and to be remember always registry hack is always a tricky area so back up all yours settings before doing this.

Microsoft release this patch after installing this patch you will see the following in your registry:This patch will put two registry settings in place:  HonorAutoRunSetting under HKEY_Local_MachineSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionpoliciesExplorer

The other setting will be under HKEY_Current_UserSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer

In the open box, type in regedit and click OK

Find the registry key under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesExplorer

Double click on the entry NoDriveTypeAutoRun, click on the Decimal button and determine what value you wish to enter per the list below:

Change the value to

Hex      Decimal          Meaning
0x1          1                Disables Autoplay on drives of unknown type.
0x4          4                Disables Autoplay on removable drives.
0x8          8                Disables Autoplay on fixed drives.
0x10      16               Disables Autoplay on network drives.
0x20      32               Disables Autoplay on CD-ROM drives.
0x40      64               Disables Autoplay on RAM drives.
0x80     128              Disables Autoplay on drives of unknown type.
0xFF     255              Disables Autoplay on all types of drives

For more information go here . and also go here .

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