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While we take photos , and after seeing the photoes offline, then we

suddenly realise that something have appeared which we have not think

of , while doing the photo shootings. Take for an example, some speedy car

, has been passed behind the photos while shooting, with that the entire

background has been blurred , and every focus has been on that picture

instead of the subjects of the photo. If the camera has limited functionality

of zoom functionality , then if the camera has higher megapixel , then with

it the faraway objects can be taken with ease and with much clearer

description and also it has been greater and exceptionally better than the

much announced and publicized the zoom function as the digital zoom

function enables the long distanced picture as grainy and airy instead in this

situation the better or higher megapixel will do the work for you.

Also as experts say , everything in excess is also detrimental and for this

do not run after the 40 megapixel camera as 6megapixel will be more than

good and also for professional it will be 8 megapixel for them. But still

when you take the pictures of faraway sometimes higher pixel count for

you so you have to choose which pixel will be better suited for you.

A small sensor will give you much clearer sharper picture , but there are

many more hindrances also as with smaller sensors also you have to face

and used to with the focusing problems as well as the have to have the

greatest of difficulty while doing the moving pictures. So, in case of sensor ,

take the higher sensor in order to get away of this difficulty.Also smaller

sensor cameras cost lesser and also the vice-versa. SO, quality depends

upon price .Most pocket sized cameras have less than 10 micros sensor

which is called as tiny sensor.As micron is millionth of meter so think about

it , as if you want to buy pocket sized cameras then you have to be

satisfied with this tiny sensors and big cameras have big sensors.

Do not ever caught in the megapixel race as higher megapixel , does not

guarantee you to have a better picture for  yours needs , as this depends

upon many varieties of elements and it is true that megapixel is not the only

element in this set of excellence.Focusing mechanisms which deeply

depends upon the size of the sensors,and the algorithms used to convert

the raw data and of course the the qualitative efficiency of the lens enables

the improvement in the resultant picture output.So as obviously the

customer and dealers depend upon more on the megapixel actually it is

not a qualitative term of excellence it may be excellence for some

professionals, but not for all the professionals and individuals.

So question arises what is pixel is a single tile of the image sensor and

image sensor receives the image, and sensor can be called as one room of

marbles and pixel is one marble in that room sensors converts the light to

electrical signal so that in the next stage picture can be documented.Then

what is megapixel then 50,00,000 pixel in short can be called as 5 mega

pixel, and from above it has been known that one thing is sure is that pixel

or megapixel only receives the light and it is to be converted to electrical

signal by sensors so, supposedly we have high megapixel of 50 and not so

good sensor or tiny sensor then what will happen as electrical conversion of

the light if not good then ultimate output will be also bad for this good

algorithms of raw data also needed.

Megapixel is a misunderstood, exaggerated fact of digital cameras which is

only used for marketing phenomenon and also customer  know that what

marketers always say is not right and it may be some misleading of the

facts so better consumer prepared for it and also make  some investigations

of these megapixel facts before engaging money on buying digital cameras.

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