Stand alone flash player


You have downloaded the swf file and no idea about how to run and it may run with VLC player ,  also there are other solutions with it can be run the swf file which you have downloaded. The flash player can only run on the browsers and why you buy the expensive flash player when you only want to run the swf file and you do not want to edit or make any swf file. So what will be the reliever of this solution.

How to locate the swf file

If you go to flash sites then after browsing session off then I   browse  temporary internet folder for these swf files. Store them in some other drive and later when I want to play again then I go to that drive and folder save and simply double click to run that swf files.

stand alone flash software

Adobe flash has its stand alone flash player. To get the stand alone flash player go to the flash download page  . And go to the link marked "Adobe Flash Player Projector Content" then chose yours Operating System version and then download .

How to play swf file with stand alone flash software.

Double click on the download application of stand alone flash software and then drag the swf file on it to play and enjoy.


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