own a genuine Webroot Desktop Firewall Registration Key



Webroot Firewall used to cost $10.95. Now, it’s free and you NEED a license key to use it as a full version.

Software Download and Installation Instructions for Webroot Desktop Firewall.

Go here , (http://www.webroot.com/forms/wdfformhdlr.php?formname=desktopfirewall)

fill the form in order for you to get your own genuine Webroot Desktop Firewall Registration Key .









fill the form and then check your email inbox or do not find there then jump to its spam folder .The email address provided will be used to send the download link for your  Webroot Desktop Firewall and for future periodic follow-up emails. You will have the option to unsubscribe from future emails at any time. The email will come from webroot sales with sender address of  of “[email protected]

Check yours email “You must use this key code during installation:” in the below of this serial no. will be there.

If you are an existing Webroot Spy Sweeper or Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware and Firewall customer, you will not be prompted to enter this key code during installation. but if you are only using it the firewall then  you have to use the code in yours inbox in order to activate this full version.

TO download the firewall click here  ,

When the download manager window appears, select SAVE. You save the program to your desktop; you may have to
browse to this location. Once the download is complete, Webroot Desktop
Firewall will be available for installation.

To begin installation, locate the saved file (on the desktop or in the
location you specified), double-click the file "DesktopFirewallRegSetup_1.exe" to open
Webroot Desktop Firewall.

Follow the directions on the screen.Enter your key code if prompted:

Continue to follow the directions as they appear on your computer screen
to complete the installation.

If you have trouble installing or opening the software, then go here for trouble shooting guide.

Existing Webroot Spy Sweeper or Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware owner can go here for  firewall.

Some important considerations:

Usage License:
You have the right to use and install one licensed copy of Webroot Desktop Firewall per computer.  If you intend
to install Webroot Desktop Firewall on additional computers, you will need to
obtain additional licenses. For more details, please read the full license
agreement included with the installation program displayed during setup.

root: Raymond CC forum


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