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Flashback towards the past when I remember the some interesting past incidents the perfection of accumulation of the past provides the most valuable insights into incidents of past when In thought of remembering the incidents that makes the past incidents to provide some interesting incidents. When we talk about ghat roads especially of Odisha the tensa Ghat road provides some interesting travel experience.

When I met my old school friend Thandu after almost a decade and half, it was some fascinating experience and during that time he invited to me to go to his own village Khandadhar, the beautyful fall of Odisha. It was in the beginning of weekends when we both decides to move to his village and I plan to write my journey experience so that it should have been one of most excited experience and one of my best travelling one as during my school days from time to time with parents and sibling we used to go to this water fall so as to find the real source of life.

During those times, the road to Khandadhar had been most of bumpy roads and at some patches the roads have potholes and it seems that government of the day just ignored the development of these arena and it proves to be true as on one side the deep dungeons and other side the mountain and the trees all has been so frightening to watch but still the movement of the four wheeler is good as the driver is from that locality, drive with ultimate comfort and the movement of the vehicle is good but due to lots of potholes I feel as if vomiting on the road.

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When I used to see on one side where the long dungeon is there the heart beat seems to stop at those moments considering the dangerous roads that is moving out from there. On another side the beautiful mountain and the plenty of trees and at some point of time and space I could see the presence of smaller rivulets and provides one of charming moments of life. Suddenly, hen you look at the mountains on one side and at the other side, that mountain path is converted into dungeons and vice-versa.

One one mode the mountain that is showing the charming presence suddenly on another mode that mountain changes the side and then in the place of it comes the dungeons and vice-versa. Sometimes the beauty of nature at its finest and then suddenly the volatile and dangerous the nature can have been goes on to show at its fullest might.

The Movement of vehicle suddenly from one side to that of another makes it feel like we are in a circular position and constantly moving from one side to the other, as if we are whirling from one side to that of other and it does not seems to be stopped at any point the joy of riding into the paths of ghat roads slowly moving and disappearing into something more and more dangerous the way ahead.

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