In high spirits in the economic calamity : 1


In s’ economical agitation, everyone’s  at direction to make out feather the cost- aim square measure no . in realness, the modest business organization  probably come by the hardest as well-nigh of them happen on modest operative  capital letter and man have trench funds to continue themselves at these meter. And they suppose, clock time yell for desperate measures.What can yours line do to make unnecessary price?

In mean solar days’ economical tumult, everyone’s hunting at way to turn off ameliorate the outgo- commercialism  no instance. in concept, the body part job square measure probably tally the hardest as virtually of them displace on narrow operative  character and assume have inexplicable  cash in hands to maintain themselves at these period. And they verbalize, example call off for desperate measures.What can yours commercialism do to forbid expenditure?

Use a caching server or proxy to face the eminent in the tragedy .

A proxy software can share an internet connections among number of system lets say in LAN connection or in some smart SOHO.Free Proxy is one of them and can be downloaded from here and the happiest thing is it is free and also no limitations and with some very easy to use configurations can be done by naive and also very smart configurations and let us see followings how to do it.

It is not a complex software and for its configuration no rocket science needed also.It can be used as website filter in addition to cache server to protect privacy and in case of a company or SOHO , if you are not wishing yours employees to browse certain websites, then you can permanently block it and also you can add filters to it to stop using certain word type. Seems complex but it is actually not why i am telling in the following.

Sharing internet connections through Free Proxy:

Go to Define > Define Ports , and here define the ports like Http,socks etc. and usually Http for 8080 and socks for 1080 and so on and then Click on Done.

Then enter these configuration of Http and socks  in the LAN Pcs means apart from this PCs where Free Proxy installed, and Click on the Start to start the proxy server and if you want to stop then Click on the stop to stop it.All the LAN PCs can surf internet through this Free Proxy servers when you start it.

How to block certain specified websites:

Go to Ban list in the top most bar of the Free Proxy,Then follow the instructions below.

New > Create Category , say to be named it as Privacy, then Click on Manage Category Details > then add the URLs of the websites you want to block , then click Save > Activate > Done .

In order to activate this follow the instructions please:

Double left Click on Port > Permissions > Add Resource . In  Resource Type  select Ban List URL or IP Address.

Then under Permission select Forbidden for all users > Done .

You can stop the downloads from other PCs to save cost:

Followings are the instructions of how to add filter “Download”to block all the URL containing the word “Download”.

Go to Resource Type , select Full URL or Path filter , under path you can type “download” to block all the URL, containing the word “Download”

How to Activate caching in Free Proxy:

If you happens to be in slow internet connections or limited internet connections, then Free Proxy will be yours answer.

By using Free Proxy and activating  the cache functions you can store frequently used sites  or WebPages on a local hard drive of yours computer and thus acting as a mini server for all yours connected computers , say LAN.

By storing all yours frequently used sites in local hard drive the downloading speed will be fast and thus saving lots of yours internet time so as to say cost and will be helpful in this times of recession.

To do this follow the following instructions please.

In Free Proxy , go to , Define >Define Cache , and tick the Activate the cache check box . And  then select the Control and the Data path , then write the cache size on the patterns of yours usage type means the time you consume in browsing and type of browsing suppose you are mega downloader or may be a blogger or may be surfolich etc . 350 MB should be more than enough and the set the expiry around 14 days and Click on Done.





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