hide a folder


1.make a new and right click on the and rename select and name it nothing means delete the new writing then ( press ALT+1060 [numpad keys] it will automatically make a empty for the name. It will then show like this.


2.Change the folder icon by right click on folder > property select > customize > change icon select >Scroll through the default window icons until you see a blank space see the picture below > select the blank space see the blue square > Select it and press OK.


3.Now you have a "hidden folder" , no icon no name in it,

4. the cons is that if some one highlight then he will see the blue icon as seen in the picture below and probably find it, and other wise if anyone knew this trick also  he will be aware of this also.

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5. If you donot want to leave any stretch of mark for the folder then make a new folder and right click on the folder and rename select and name it nothing means delete the new folder writing then ( press alt+0160[numpad keys] it will automatically make a empty space for the name. It will then show like this. Then follow the steps 2,3 and 4 as the same above.It is better method than the earlier .



This just gives you a false sense of security, as any system administrator or maintenance specialist will show al hidden folders as system folders are hidden and they will get this if you have any important information it will be divulged,


As gizmo.Richards suggests:

Folder hiding is a simple way of keeping prying eyes away from your private documents.

From a human point of view it’s a good solution; what you can’t see, you don’t know you want.

Encrypting a folder can have the opposite effect. The folder is visible and if access is attempted, the need to enter a password positively shouts the message that someone is trying to hide something.

This probably explains why there are so many commercial utilities that claim they can securely hide folders.

I use the word "claim" deliberately. It’s actually quite difficult to securely hide a folder in Windows without risking creating problems in the operating system itself.

And there can be all sorts of practical problems. For example, what happens to the hidden folder when you delete a visible folder above it in the folder tree? Will the hidden folder be backed up? Will it be scanned by your AV program? Can the files in the folder be recovered in an emergency such as a system crash?


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free open source program folder hiding AxCrypt

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