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For maintaining good health, it is important to have blood pressure, blood sugar, weight in the normal range. In case you are diabetic or have hypertension, this software can be used to track your blood pressure and blood sugar regularly. It also provides customized fields to record other vitals like waist line and body fat.For maintaining genuine  condition, it is operative to have parentage coerce, parentage macromolecule, weight down in the average mixed bag. In instance you  sick or have , this  can be used to chase your stemma oblige and bloodshed money on a regular basis. It as well caters customized field to register new  like region position and system jowly.

If you have high BP or are diabetic, work with your doctor and share your blood pressure or blood sugar information that was recorded in the comfort of your home.If you have towering BP  work out with your doctor and overlap your genealogy somatic sensation or lineage dulcorate collection that was prerecorded in the pleasure of your base.


Some notable features are:

Report for the doctor: The software can produce a report in a flexible way. You can collaborate with your doctor to improve your regimen to normalize your blood pressure or blood sugar.
Charting ability: All the measurements such as blood sugar or blood pressure can be seen as daily, weekly and monthly averages. This helps you to monitor the trend
Color Codes: The blood pressure and blood sugar are color coded in the report to show if it is reading is in normal, warning or danger range
Chart can be flagged with regimen: As you enter the measurements you can also specify the regimen and the mood at that time. The daily plot can then be tagged with regimen or mood. This will help you correlate your regimen or mood with, say, weight or blood pressure and help you decide which regimen works best for you or help you to control your mood
Multiple plot: you can display plots of any two measurement items in one chart. This can help you make comparisons between two measurements, say, blood sugar and blood pressure, or blood pressure and weight
BMI Meter: The software includes BMI meter which shows if you have normal weight for your height
Work with your Biological Clock: The software includes a utility that can help you realize the ability of your body. This knowledge can help make you more efficient
Help File and Sample Data: The software comes with good help file and sample data to quickly learn about the software.


This software comes with free lite version and Full version as free lite version is free and full version have to register and purchase.

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