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Constant using of yours PC make its a slow machine, as continuous read/write access make yours hard disk slow and fragmented and files are located at different areas makes it absolutely time consuming as system takes time to find all the files and thus degrades the performances.The answer to this is to run a defragmentation tool which will arrange all the files so that system will not be sluggish anymore.

However, most defragmentation tools tend to ignore many of the system files as these can’t be moved whilst you are running Windows.

Paragon Total Defrag 2009 SE , which will enable you to defrag your drive outside of Windows. Bear in mind though, this is advanced defragmentation software and can take hours to finish defragmenting a large system partition.

If somebody asks you which part of your computer is the most important, you’ll undoubtedly answer – a hard disk. You can change many things in your PC but a hard disk needs a special treatment because it keeps the most valuable – your information. As any important thing a hard disk requires your care. Giving some consideration to it you are able to increase efficiency of your work.

So, how can you optimize the disk system? A common problem that often decreases the disk efficiency is non-optimal allocation of files, the so-called file fragmentation. Under some inevitable circumstances the system keeps fragments of a file in different places of the disk, what significantly slows down reading operations. To defragment files, it is sometimes necessary to re-write them more compactly. It resembles threading beads – file fragments are gathering one by one, after that the system will spend less time on reading the file.

Most tools should be used irregularly. You don’t need to use a Registry optimizer every week. It’s better to completely defrag your drive once or twice a year, rather than running background task that may conflict with other software. You should ONLY defrag your drive after months of use, not every week.Paragon Total Defrag 2009 is brand new technology – it was only on-sale from July.It is a reliable tool, which provides 27 defragmentation strategies and uses unique low-level optimization algorithms.

It does come into its own though if you are preparing a disk for partitioning, and if used infrequently, I have no doubt that you will see some improvement in the overall responsiveness of the system !
Try switching off all security software and disconnecting from the internet before use !

Paragon Total Defrag is a very different defragging tool – you need to restart back in to the application and leave it running. Do not interrupt if possible. Best leave it doing it’s work, overnight.

How to get it free:

Step: 1

Go here , register yours real email account and also put password so that you can create an account at Paragon software and remember to note it down both the email and password so that you can utilize it as remember you have to go to yours account at Paragon software and login  with Email and Password see the step 2, and then the software will be there in yours account and then you download it from yours account


In the mail from Paragon software to yours inbox from [email protected]” will show

Thank you for the interest in our software.  We know that you have recently registered at  to receive the Special Edition of Total Defrag 2009, yet you did not receive the download link for the software. Unfortunately this is due to somebody posting a link in the forum to a promotion that has already expired. The promotional page was specially created to unlock a Special Edition that was distributed via a magazine for a limited time only.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our Paragon defrag utility and we would like to offer you the full version of Paragon Total Defrag 2009 instead. We hope it will help your PC and you will enjoy using it!

You can download the product for FREE in Your Account with your login data and there earlier yours paragon registration number and password will also bee seen in step 1 also you must have both Email and Password and login at

Step:3 Download from yours Paragon Account and install as you have download from yours account no software key needs to be used, and enjoy , but before using it read the use of this software from computeractive forum.

Step:4 after registration one mail will come from [email protected] and that will say

Thank you for your interest in Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 Special Edition!

The product is registered with:

PRODUCT KEY / USER NAME: *********************

SERIAL NUMBER                     : **********************

Additional information about this software can be found in Paragon’s Knowledge Base available at


But you will wonder and just wait for 4 more day when the message as written at step 2 will come and offer will be instead of Paragon Partition Manager 9.0 Special Edition! actually of full version of Paragon Total Defrag 2009, so then go to yours Paragon account and you will see in it the software download link will be there and then enjoy. The size of the software is 17.4 MB.

So wait for the second email that will come within 5 days of first mail and then download , I think I was somewhat clear if not then post me ask me.


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3.Online Shop
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