For Shiny Hair


contributed by mk 

1. Mix three tablespoons of honey with a cup of warm water and apply it on hair 15 minutes before shampoo.

2.Wash hair with lemon juice for that extra shine.

3.Use apple cider vinegar to wash hair.

4.Apply black tea after shampooing , then wash it .

5. Avoid  to use chemical bleaches on hair.

6.Deep conditioning is also can make a natural sheen.

7. Mix egg yolks with olive oil and apply to  hair. Wash it off with cold water when dry.

8.Oiling your hair properly before shampooing. it works as a natural conditioner for hair and scalp.

9.Regular exercise is also must needed for a healthy shiny hair.

10. Balanced, healthy diet include calcium, iron and protein in daily diet. Eat green, leafy vegetables that are rich in iron. Vitamin B and C are also essential for shiny and silky hair .

11.A good  night sleep of 7-8 hour everyday can help to solve many hair problems. Stress free mind and body can get a soft, silky and shiny look to hair.

12.Shampoos  which contains silk amino acids , can serve to maintain that natural sheen.

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