Fixing Long Delay When Opening My Computer In Windows XP


How to fix long delay when opening My Computer in Windows XP, and there are two ways to do this and we will discuss about the two solutions.

First solution:

Go to My computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > From Advance settings > disable the “’Automatically search for Network folders and Printers”  > Then Apply > Then OK. And you are done. See the screenshots to know more.

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Second solution:

Go to Start button > Run > Type “services.msc” > press enter > navigate to  Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service in Services (Local)> Right click and press stop  > change WIA service startup mode to Manual

Please bear in mind that this service image acquisition services for scanners and cameras so scanner and camera will not  be detected and if you use these functionality then you can manually turn on or start the service to get the benefit, and in this way yours explorer will be much more smoother and also the ever long flashlight waiting will be over. See the screen shots to know more.

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