Enrichment of OB knowledge through Research

Last updated on December 17th, 2019 at 12:32 pm

In this article we will learn in-depth about how to enhance organisation parameters and organisational behavioral pattern through in-depth research. What are perspectives of managers in such situations and circumstances? Most managers often wish to control environment and wants entire administrative mechanisms must be in coherence with their ideas and ways they see the organisation should work in normal circumstances.

What should be aim of Managers in such circumstances?

  1. Situational control over administrative matters
  2. Managers must have differential qualities over others. They must able to find the solutions to the present circumstances and find out the way out legally.
  3. They should predict what should be the situation if such and such reverences of occurrences occur in normal circumstances.
  4. In the normal circumstances the possible alternations situations might happen and this can produce some variably differential calculations to the understanding of day to day situations and manager should predict the best in such events in order to find out the right path and event that might possible detect what should occur in the future.
    The interests of manager should have been:
  5. Manager work within ranks of organisation in the two fold manner. One is to see the each and every employee must products the similar or higher output of knowledge and work out put.
  6. It is important for managers to retain the same employees all around within the ranks of organisation so that similar standard of work output must be there all over within different financial years.
  7. Managers see different organisational research to find out exact findings of the output and this enable them to go through the ranks to understand how all of these organisational standards work in these situations.
  8. By using such and such research methodologies they goes through different organisational researches and create new form of development to increase employee retention and working standard output.
  9. Then managers change those research output to work into their own styles so that all employees work in this manner to produce better work standards.
  10. In this way, they can understand and find out employee’s action and their behavioural pattern and they find out whether these new methods are helping employees or making the hindrances to them.
    What are various Research Terminologies?
  11. Research: It is the series of methods of scientific and mathematical innovations and provide the in-depth examples to reach to the absolute conclusions.
  12. Variables: During the research methodologies, some variables are taken into consideration which can provide different instances at different circumstances and it is the necessity for the research to find out absolute answers to all of these and find the relevant constant from all of these variables.
  13. Dependent Variables: It is the variables which are in the process of research methodologies. It is in the process of absolute investigation.
  14. Independent Variables: It is used to influence dependent variables. It is important to find out the optimised research from dependent variables by going through these independent variables. It can increase or decrease parameters in dependent variables.
  15. Intervening Variable: This variable is most important in determining the amount of time dependent variables take to be influenced by independent variables. The time different or time interval is the intervening variable. It is most important to find out the differences of time intervals of dependent variables.
  16. Moderating Variables: The variable which acts as the changing effect of dependent variables when independent variables influence these to change. Detection of moderating variables is important as with it principal changing dynamics can be configured and can be moved to reach to the absolute conclusion.
  17. Theory: In the entire research there are dependent, independent, intervening and moderating variables. Theory aims to find out and detect the uniform connectivity and relationships among these variables to work in the specific manner.
  18. Hypothesis: It take two variables of different kinds mentioned in the above and then try to find out what should have been the logical or practical connectivity among these and this provides the most absolute and practical hypothesis to reach to the absolute conclusion.
  19. Validity: In the research methodology there are many variables are there but when we do short list and reach to the absolute conclusion of dependent variables which is the most for organisation then it validates the variables to work in the specific manner.
  20. Reliability: It is the most nearest path to reach towards absolute conclusion. The time lapse and the method in which variables are influenced are taken into measurement without any chances of biases and it provides most accurate and practical measurement.

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