Enrichment of OB knowledge through Research

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Managers often wish-

• Control over work situation

• Able to understand, explain and predict the several occurrences at the workplace

• To handle events happening in the environment.

Managers are primarily interested in two things-

• Improving the performance of employees

• Retaining them in the job

Organizational researchers help managers through their scientific research findings on several aspects .They investigate the relationships among the various factors in the situation including-

• Manager’s own style and interaction patterns

• How these influence employees’ action and behavior.

Research Terminologies

Research – an organized, systematic, data-based, critical, objective, scientific investigation of a specific problem which is done for the purpose of getting a solution.

Variable – anything that can take on differing or varying values.

Dependent Variable (DV) – the variable which is being investigated.

Independent variable (IV) – the variable that influences the dependent variable. With each unit of increase in the independent variable, there would be an increase or decrease in the dependent variable.

Intervening Variable- surfaces between the time the independent variable starts operating to influence the dependent variable and the time its impact is felt.

Moderating Variable- the variable that as a contingent effect on the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.

Theory- it postulates the network of connection or relationships among the variables examined in a study.


• Logically conjectured relationship between two or more variables

• Lends itself to being tested through statistical analysis of the data collected.

Validity- ensures that we are actually measuring the variable that we intend to.

Reliability- indicates the extent to which the measurement of the variable is without bias and the degree of accuracy of the measurement.

Causal Studies- designed to establish cause and effect relationships among variables.

Correlational Studies- are conducted to detect the influence of one or more variables on the dependent variable.

Manipulation of a variable- an experimental design, in order to examine the causal effect of an IV on the DV, different levels of the IV are chosen to access their impact on the DV.

Controlled Variable- in order to establish a cause & effect relationship in experimental design, some contaminated variables need to be controlled exists.



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