Devil’s advocate view on Google Chrome


  1. Not so attractive Graphical User Interface and very minimalistic approach and for person like us GUI also important then it is the saddest part to be with Google Chrome.
  2. As it seems it has been optimized for broadband connections as it seems that in ours case where Opera is of fast in Dial-up but Chrome seems lacking in speed and Safari is ahead of it in terms of speed and some times astonishing is that ours age old Internet Explorer is ahead in some website rendering in Dial up connections.
  3. The most astonishing fact is that , sometimes it stays offline even if you are online , take for an example in ours case, when we browse some website with Opera and then after closing Opera and dial up connection still on and when we open Chrome , the surprising surprising is that it stays offline and says that you are offline and after two to three restart of Chrome it then starts rendering pages and if this happens we realize that website rendering becomes slower than usual Chrome rendering when it  goes online in one attempt, we do not know if it only the case of ours or it is happening for many persons .
  4. Web page saving for offline reading not in one single file, in case of Opera it makes one single file wonderful save so that we cannot access offline for further reference, Internet Explorer also saves one DHTML file but it takes hell lot of time .
  5. update service always running  even if you are not browsing and this seems suspicious and also it takes some amount of Ram and it will prove costly for the users who have lesser Ram and also it may spell doom for laptop users with lesser Ram.
  6. After saving a well pictured website for offline reading and then after getting into offline and opening it in Chrome we see that only the writing part visible and all the pictures and web contents gone and this is I think a very bad practice and for this  We have to save that website again with Opera so that We can read it later on.
  7. We have heard about some sort of privacy breach but We have not tested it so  are not sure about it but be check it if you are a serious user.
  8. Especially We have installed Chrome for blogger editing so that it will be very much useful but what we have seen some strange thing that in the blogger’s blog setting and layout section after editing some part of it and then saving it so that permanently saved but the saving takes a hell lot of time and in fact the saved dialogue not showing and then we check the blog and see that it is saved so , we become confused while using the blog with it so We use bloggers blog in Safari which has been smooth ride test it out.
  9. Google Chrome installation is through Google server and it does not have single installation file and if for any untoward reason We have to format the hard drive then we all have to install it through the server, is not it a very cumbersome act!
  10. While downloading any software through Google Chrome the download windows remained in the hind  sight still you have not opened it from menu a very tiring act especially during these recession times when you want full optimization use of yours internet cost so you do not want any seconds to be used for opening through the download windows through menu of Google Chrome. IN the case of opera the transfers windows opens automatically as why it is important as if users do not known the downloading taking place then he may do it again to load more stress on the already slow dial up connections and even in broadband also no one wants to waste the time and money.
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