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If you can use email, you can have your own website to share thoughts and media with friends, family and the world.Yes, Posterous is enthusiastically a free service. Later, it may be adding premium features there will always be a useful free version you can use.It focuses on THE best email experience, and do a lot more to support large photo galleries and other file downloads. Other sites force you to upload through cumbersome web forms. With posterous, you can attach any files you want. Plus, you don’t have to remember a gibberish secret email address. Just [email protected] and that’s it.

All URL’s are automatically turned into links. You can use any email program and web mail such as   Gmail, AOLmail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Hotmail, and Windows Live Mail.

You can attach any type of file to an email and Posterous will post it, along with the text of your email, to your blog. The format is similar to a tumblelog but easier to use.

“What can I send to posterous?”

You can attach any type of file and we’ll post it along with the text of your email.
It’ll do smarter things for photos, MP3’s, documents and video (both links AND files)

“What do you do when I attach photos to an email?”

If you attach one photo (of any size, even direct from your camera!), It ‘ll resize it to a web-friendly size and post it. If you attach more than one photo in the same message, It automatically creates a good looking image gallery .

“What do you do when I attach music to an email?”

It ‘ll drop the music into a web MP3 player so that your readers can listen to it right there in their web browsers.To play mp3s in your browser, you will need to have Javascript turned on and have Flash Player 9 or better installed.

“What do you do when I attach a video file to an email?”

It will transcode your video so that you can see the it in a flash player right there in your browser. It ‘ll host the file too, so you don’t have to do any work at all.

“What happens when I put a URL in my email? Does it get linked?”

It turns any URLs into links. But It tries to do smarter things when It can.

If you paste a YouTube link, it will show you beautyfully.

It automatically turn it into a YouTube embedded player for your new post:

It currently automatically embed players for the following sites: YouTube, Google Video, Hulu, Funny Or Die, Omnisio, MixWit, Justin.TV, Fliggo, Vimeo, motionbox, TED Talks, Viddler, Dailymotion,, Revver, TeacherTube, GodTube, seesmic, and Brightcove.

It supports following blogging platforms.

Now supporting…
  Movable Type
Autopost to everywhere
Just set up your other accounts here. The next time you post to
Twitter messages will use the title of your post up to 130 characters, and then append a shortened url.
posterous,It will instantly autopost everywhere else.
Twitter messages will use the title of your post up to 130 characters, and then append a shortened url.

Flickr photos will be put automatically in your photostream. If you attach multiple photos, It ‘ll post them all in the order we receive them.

Blogs will be updated with the full content you send us. It ‘ll host your images, music and files, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Private sites
You can set a password on your site so only the readers you want can see it. More information about private sites can be found here.

Group sites
You can add your friends or family’s email addresses to any Posterous site you control, and they can then email stuff in too. It’s useful for families, sports teams, etc. to share photos and video. Once you’ve added those emails, all they have to do to post is send whatever they want to publish to [email protected] No registration required.

Add tags simply in the subject of your email using the syntax ((tag: apple, gadgets)). You can see your tags on the homepage of your site and click on them to see those posts. You can also see what people are saying about any given topic.

In brief:

  1. No set up or sign up
  2. Email anything to [email protected] and attach photos, videos ,mp3 and files
  3. see the sites you made with yours new posterous at
  4. email: [email protected]
  5. faq :
  6. Go here for posterous:
  7. Login
  8. Register:
  9. PDF link


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