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Avira Antivirus has been scoring and maintaining its high positions in third-party antivirus detection and removal tests, its Avira Antivirus classic which is better known as free antivirus has been among the best of business and in fact better than some of the paid and costly antivirus solutions.Its free antivirus known as Avira Antivirus classic consist of antivirus engines and root kit detector and its detection rate has been phenomenal.

Avira have just released the latest version 9 of their class leading AntiVir program.Released exclusively on Download.com .The free version now includes anti-spyware capabilities, a feature previously only available in paid versions.

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Cnet review:

(Credit: Avira)

“Avira AntiVir 9 introduces one-click infection removal with multiple options for customization.

A refreshed banner logo tops the list of UI changes, but it’s the long-awaited features in the free version of AntiVir that should pique most users’ interest. Anti-spyware detection and removal is now available for the free version of AntiVir as well as the paid upgrades. There’s new scanning tech that can crack open "locked" files and verify that they’re not malicious, along with improved internal security to prevent AntiVir’s files from being maliciously altered. AntiVir 9 also offers a rebuilt heuristic detection engine, and according to Tony Anscombe, director of consumer products for Avira, Download.com reader comments have been the impetus for the new one-click threat removal option–no more baby-sitting the scans.

The one-click threat removal is a nifty quarantining feature that logs and sets aside all detected threats so you can deal with them individually or as a group at the end of the scan. It’s simple, but means that you can run a scan at night and not worry about the scan pausing and waiting for user input before it continues.

Click on the Configuration button on the right-side of the central pane, and check off Expert Mode on the upper left-side of the box that opens. In the options tree below it, go to Scanner, then Scan, then Action for Concerning Files. From there, you can choose an Automatic or Interactive reaction. Under Automatic, you can choose a primary and secondary action, as well as copying the file to the quarantine before taking any other action. Interactive offers you a round-up at the end of a scan, and Combined or Individual notification mode for users who want to deal with infections all at once or one at a time.

Except for the banner, AntiVir 9 looks exactly like AntiVir 8.

(Credit: Avira)

As CNET writes

(Credit: CNET)

The other new features, from the anti-spyware to the rebuilt heuristic engine, are not as easy to demonstrate since we don’t maintain a virus or spyware zoo at CNET for security reasons. However, it’s worth mentioning that Avira has expanded the AntiVir free version to include their anti-spyware and anti-adware detections. In previous years, the premium version of AntiVir earned very high marks from both independent testers Andreas Marx (results) and Andreas Clemente.

As program upgrades go, AntiVir is worth some of the hoops that users must jump through to get on board. The upgrade is a time-intensive process, requiring some minor user input and rebooting your computer. Also, users will have to go to the Download.com product page and actively download the new installer. Version 9 won’t be pushed to existing users for another month.

Savvy users will notice the removal of the on-demand e-mail scan, and AntiVir is still challenging–and by challenging, I mean a massive headache of pain–to fully uninstall. Despite these hang-ups and the nag screen that follows the multiple definition file updates that occur daily, AntiVir offers such effective protection and a well-rounded set of features that as long as the updates keep coming, it should remain on the top of any free antivirus users’ list.

(Credit: CNET)

(Credit: Avira)

Fresh from the laboratory, we present Avira AntiVir Personal, Avira AntiVir Premium and Avira Premium Security Suite. Programmers at the German high-tech security powerhouse have given the user interface a facelift and improved user guidance. A configuration assistant takes the user by the hand and helps them to adapt the configuration quickly and easily to their personal needs. What’s inside is important, too: multi-processor and multi-core systems support allows the anti-virus solution to be up to 20 % faster.

Avira Premium Security Suite now provides parents with parental control that is uncomplicated to use: simply assign ready-made profiles for children, teenagers and adults to your Windows user accounts – and you and your children will no longer be faced with unsuitable content when surfing. Administrators can create their own profiles and specify sites that are always allowed or prohibited, regardless of the chosen profile. Another bonus is WebGuard now features a “Fraud” category, which filters out fraudulent sites. Avira is cooperating with consumer protection agencies to maintain an extensive list of websites that involve subscription payments and fraudulent information.

Dealing with viruses is now child’s play. The Avira designers have modified the virus protection so that the user is no longer asked how to proceed each time malware is discovered. Instead, a complete search can take place and at the end the user will find all malware in a clearly arranged list, which can be wiped from the hard drive with the click of a mouse.

(Credit: Avira)

Some important considerations:

Avira (on their official site) label the anti-spyware component in the Free version as ‘Basic’ and in the Premium version as ‘Enhanced’. This suggests that the Free version still does not include the full as far as anti-spyware is concerned and remembering may be am not sure about it the PC Tools antispyware free version only includes file protection where as the full version consist of all the requisite protections.

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