PureText 2.0(only removes rich formatting from text)


PureText makes this simple by adding a new hot-key (default is +V) that allows you to paste text to any application without formatting.After running PureText.exe, you will see a "PT" tray icon appear near the clock on your task bar.  You can click on this icon to remove formatting from the text that is currently on the clipboard.  You can right-click on the icon to display a menu with more options.Simply use its hot-key to paste text instead of using the standard CTRL+V hot-key that is built into most applications. PureText is completely to use.

To configure PureText, right-click on its tray icon and choose "Options" from the pop-up menu.  The default hot-key is WINDOWS+V, but this can be changed.  In this Options window, you can also configure PureText to run each time you log into Windows.


What PureText Will and Will Not Do

PureText only removes rich formatting from text.  This includes the font face, font style (bold, italics, etc.), font color, paragraph styles (left/right/center aligned), margins, character spacing, bullets, subscript, superscript, tables, charts, pictures, embedded objects, etc.  However, it does not modify the actual text.  It will not remove or fix new-lines, carriage returns, tabs, or other white-space.  It will not fix word-wrap or clean up your paragraphs.  If you copy the source code of a web page to the clipboard, it is not going to remove all the HTML tags.  If you copy text from an actual web page (not the source of the page), it will remove the formatting.

PureText is basically equivalent to opening Notepad, doing a PASTE, followed by a SELECT-ALL, and then a COPY.  The benefit of PureText is performing all these actions with a single Hot-Key and having the result pasted into the current window automatically.



download  latest version here:



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