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according to Opera evangelist Bruce Lawson. "There was a browser war, a war to the death, and IE very nearly won the web. And now we see that there doesn’t need the only people injured in the war are the consumers and developers". We have been using Opera for more than 4 years though we have faced some sort of from time to time website rendering problems but still the satisfaction is that it has been smooth and no fuss browser and also surpirse us with its wonderful feature rich only in a tiny package and download and that is the specialty of Opera browser as we have been depicting only small chunk of water in the ocean of tools Opera has given and in a sense we think it is like microsoft operating system which does not reveal much of its hidden features and also with some awful help file.

Opera has been phenomenal for us though we have experienced some sort of problem with Zone Alarm Pro with its privacy on but adjusting then it will be ok for us  and followings are the some of the Opera’s characteristics  from its home site.

Bookmark Nicknames

Opera gives you the option to assign a nickname to a Web page, which you can then use to quickly load that page by typing the nickname in the address bar
Select Bookmarks > Bookmark Page

Click the Details button

Enter a short nickname and click OK

Fast Forward

With the Fast Forward button, Opera lets you quickly go the next page in everything from a Google Search to the next picture in a Facebook slideshow.

Click the Fast Forward button on the left of the address bar

You are now in the next page!

Magic Wand

Often, you need to fill out forms on the Web and provide the same information. You can save this information just once in Opera and easily paste it into any Web form. Opera even offers to automatically complete it.

Open Tools > Preferences > Wand

Fill in the information you would like to have easy access to and click OK

When entering information into a form, right-click any text field and select Insert personal

Mouse Gestures

Opera’s amazing mouse gestures lets you do frequently-performed browsing operations with small, quick mouse movements. To go to the previous page:

Hold the right button

Move the mouse left


Notes is a way to quickly store and access information with text notes.
Select text on a Web page

Right-click and choose to Copy to note from the context menu

Your note is now stored in Opera’s Note Panel

Opera Link

Opera Link is a free service that enables data sharing between all your computers and devices. It synchronizes your bookmarks, Speed Dial entries, notes, and personal bar, so they are available to you wherever you go.
Select File > Synchronize Opera from the menu

Click the Sign Up button to create an account and then sign in with your username and password

Once you are signed in to Opera, synchronization occurs, and a green icon appears on the status bar. Your data is now available across your computers and devices

Page Zoom

With Opera you can zoom in to more easily read Web sites with small fonts, or zoom out to see the whole Web page.
Click the zoom bar in the lower right side of the screen

Select or write how much you would like to zoom



With Rewind, you can avoid repeatedly clicking the back button. If you have viewed a number of pages from the same Web site, you can quickly jump back to the first page you viewed on that site using Rewind.
Click the Rewind button in the top left of the browser window

You just went back to your first page!


When you have a set of pages open, such as your Web mail, regular chat room and favorite news site, you can save them as a “session”. If you then close all open pages, and load the session later on, these pages display automatically.
Select File > Sessions > Save this session

Choose a name for that session

Once you save a session it is then available for you to open whenever you wish

Speed Dial

Speed Dial gives you quick access to your favorite Web sites.
Create a new tab by clicking on the plus button on the right of your tabs

Click a blank Speed Dial slot

Select a Web site from the pop up or enter the address directly below

Trash Can

With the Trash Can, you can open tabs that you accidentally closed, or Web site pop-ups that Opera blocked.
Click the Trash Can icon on the top right corner of the browser window

Select the Tab or Window you want to reopen

Copyright © 2008 Opera Software ASA.


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