O&O Safe Erase 2(Free Full Software)

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This is the shareware promos and can be considered as free full software.O&O SafeErase 2 is compatible with windows xp and not with vista and for it you have to grab the latest O&O SafeErase 3.

O&O Software GmbH is German highly regarded software developer company.

Mere deleting the files from the recycle bin does not guarantee that those files cannot ever be recovered so this means yours privacy is at stake and for this you have to use this secure erase software and freeware alternative is unlocker so that data can be erased permanently and forever.

So by using it you can prevent yours privacy of data and also following described some simple approach though which you can own one of the best in business in this field.


Go here  , then Fill in the required ( asterisk) fields and hit “Submit form” , then Check your mailbox for a message coming from [email protected], containing your license serial number code . and then

Download the installer O&O  Safe Erase 2  Run the installer and use the licence key to register.

O&O SafeErase 2 is compatible with :

Windows 2000 Professional, Server, Advanced Server
– Windows XP Professional and Home Edition
– Windows Server 2003 (all versions)

Features :

O&O TotalErase feature – securely delete an entire computer, – 5 levels for setting the Deletion Method : Highest Security (35 Cycles executed in a random order ) , High Security (7 Cycles) , Moderate Security (6 Cycles) , Low Security (3 Cycles) ,  Lowest Security (1 Cycle – the fastest but offering the most limited security )
– “O&O SafeMove” – allows securely moving files and folders ( by a secure deletion of the source file )
– “Securely Empty Recycle Bin” – by right clicking the recycle bin ;
– “Securely Erase a Partition” – by right clicking that partition ;

– total integration into Windows Explorer – accidental deletion of important files is avoided – you will always be asked to confirm this action;
– entire drive volumes can be erased through the Context Menu by right-clicking on the drive itself;



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