Near-final test build of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) 8 browser ready for downlaod.

On January 26, Microsoft allows download a near-final test build of its Internet Explorer (IE) 8 browser. It may be the last public beta release before Microsoft releases its final version. It will be a standalone download and also in built on Windows 7.

The RC 1 includes performance and compatibility enhancers and it is a “platform-complete,” means there will no more frisk programming or GUI changes.

What has been added in this IE 8 Release Candidate (RC) 1:

  1. Compatibility list augmentation: a list of 2000 sites can be viewed and checked for compatibility checking purposes.And according to ZDNet Microsoft will update this list in every two months.
  2. Click Jacking prevention :
  3. Better Smart Address bar : matches titles in their history and favorites now much better.
  4. Speeding up page loading tweaks:
  5. Instant Search Box to include a “quick pick menu” at the bottom
  6. full support for CSS 2.1:
  7. In Private Blocking name changed to In Private Filtering :

IE 8 RC1 won’t work now on Windows 7 Beta as this article shows.

A full list of what have changed from IE 8 since beta see from here.


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