HeadCase MindMapper is now free.

It has been developed by Elliott Bignell.

it is unsupported freeware.

According to Techsupportalert 

“It does have some bugs…  Imported graphics don’t seem to ‘stick’ after you close, then reopen the app.  There are some screen-draw glitches where the map, or certain branches, will disappear then reappear when you zoom in and out.  Lastly, I find that the undo works haphazardly.  In spite of this, the program is really pretty cool.   You can see some examples on the LoanedGenius.com site. “

It used to sell for about  $70 US for the full version.  Elliott posted the key at Techsupportalert .

Product ID: 0123456789AB
Key: F3412577384B


Download from here

What is mind mapping?

Alternate software free



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