The rented house I lived in with my family for three years, about four years from hence, was the most exciting and horrifying experience of my service period being primarily a haunted house where nobody dared to live with his family. As for me, I was relieved to join the office during August when good houses were hard to find. Despite hearing profusely against the house, I decided to stay there as I hardly had any alternative and my son and daughter were to stay with me in order that they could prepare and appear some competitive examination. I stayed there for a pretty long period because I did not want disturbances in between two transfers which, in any way, was in the offing and was not materializing.

The land lord of the house while offering me on rent requested me not to take a pretty old room in the house which he proposed to lock it up and dump some of the building materials; but I objected to it and wanted the entire house for my use.

The house was a newly constructed one, but only partially as about 25% or so was remodeled to give it a new look. But, it was a nicely constructed house and the land lord was out and out a gentleman. I did not know, of course, a family of three died there under mysterious circumstances and their spirits were still there.

The room where the spirits dwelt was a mysterious one and the atmosphere inside was always eerie whether it was day time or night. If you sleep there on a cot, the moment you close your eyes, somebody will drag you down. The new wiring inside the room would always go out of order and your all attempts to keep the room illuminated would certainly end in failure. I have tried it innumerable times, but failed. All your attempts to keep the floor of the room dry will end in failure as the ground would soon become sticky and slippery.

One afternoon, when I was supporting my wife inside the kitchen and my wife had just gone to open the door for someone, I saw my wife going with a dish to the haunted room which was clearly visible to the kitchen being in front of it and perpendicular. A second later, I saw my wife coming with a bunch of flowers given by our neighbor who had just come. I was frightened and could not make out what I saw and where she disappeared. It was only the initial offering and more of its kind would follow in future.

One after another, three maid servants came to live in our house, but no one could stay for a week as they complained of ghost- haunting and did call us in the dead of the night unable to put up with horror shows though they might have been made a laughing stock by us, but we knew pretty well that all their descriptions were not untrustworthy.

Thrice during my stay at the house, I had seen my wife doing some works in the left room of the house while in the right side she would be seen working also. But no sooner did I call her in her name, only the true would stay and the second one would vanish.

These are just a few experiences shared with you, but the whole lot of it is horrifying and atrocious.

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