Testing again

Life is all about testing and finding out conjectures in built with it and in finding these incidents we do find plenty of ideas and thanks Lord Jagannath for all of these still we test this phenomenon again and again until we do find best of the lots that means matters to us without a doubt with all possibilities and with greatest of humilities.

That was the time of weekdays where three consecutive holidays and that makes a special occasion to reach to homeland and go to Temple and move to the sea to enjoy the experience of life and rediscover it in my greatest possible anticipation.

In the total timings and its benchmark to test it again I do find plenty of anticipations to deal with life with complete humility and I do expect to move to Temple and from there anticipate that I am going to see Lord Jagannath without any disturbances from others and the complete anticipation is going to mark the most memorable aspect for audacious movement to see Lord at the most perfect time.

In the total commute, the roads are filled with so many small shops that while walking into the main roads towards Temple becomes so much of a difficult task that I have to see everywhere to look whether there is some empty space is out there.

All the time one walks within these parameters one is to see and find the testing again and again and that makes the movement within these narrower street less secure to start up with.

One is going to be attentive toward the front. Back, left and right as you are not sure from which direction the bicycle comes running with great neck speed and that is making the walking on these roads less secure.

To my utter surprise the Municipal Market is straight on Grand Roads and the vegetable vendors occupies these areas and that is the single most difficult part as the road is full of so many cattle and this makes the walking testing again and again.

During the course of walking towards Temple in between Grand Roads, we do see plenty of obstructions and testing time of yours senses comes backs again and again. That makes movement within these ranges too difficult. What matters the difficulty is the occupation of foot paths by shops and walking within these parameters becomes extremely difficult.

In the mean time while walking you are going to see various breakfast shops and most of these are not so clean but the smell coming out from these shops are extremely attractive and, again testing time for yours to suppress all of these and move ahead.

Most of these breakfast shops are not so necessary considering the amount of pollution and other activities are there as well as they use spent oil again and again that is going to deposit carbon inside your body. Still the smells coming out from these shops while moving in the perception of the testing time comes back again and that is going to be the most difficult part but one is going to move ahead. All of these are testing time and do provide a difficult time but. Still one is going to move ahead without a doubt.

In order to diminish all the forms of loneliness’s one is to find the solace into the hearts of Lord Jagannath and while moving with all of these I do find the complete solace and move out of the present place towards achieving something better. In the mild of joining the momentary specifications I continue to find the testing time again and again and then clears the momentary shifts towards every possible adjournment of receiving every possible aspect where throughout the life we find ourselves in testing water.

In between movement there are so much of similar faces here and there and while looking at these faces the smiles and greetings comes forward and they continue to provide greetings and at some point of time there is another testing parameters whether I am going to greet them while walking into such rush streets or whether I am going towards similar conclusive movements to watch every vehicles that is moving here and there and suddenly the decision making in this time is again on the testing waters.

This makes what to do as on one side there are familiar faces looking at greeting me and on the other side there are not so familiar faces, who are selling the vegetables and the bikes and the speedier motor bikes all moving at the great neck speed only to provide testing times again for pedestrians. What to decide and what not to decide and perhaps in these such time the prime-motion of thinking parameters are the proper generation of ideas that are needed to undertake and change in accordance with changing circumstances.

In the mean time I come nearer to Janta Cinema Hall which was there for years and now it shuts down due to legal hassles and in front of it the small street vendor selling breakfast and it is one of popular shops and here another testing time again for me whether to take some food out there after long time as in the childhood days I continue to find it more and more interesting and more and more engaging to come here with my cycle.

I wish to see Lord Jagannath and that is why come at empty stomach and with bath but while seeing the good breakfast shop I continue to find it difficult to control to eat as I again reach at the point of testing again between my consciousness and eagerness to eat and all of these towards reaching and walking I continue to find it testing times coming and going and that becomes the most difficult part of movement here with.

What it teaches is that while moving with life we come forward and encounters ourselves with so much of decision making processes where one is sided with some other phenomenon and creating the attachments towards ultimate testing time again and again until and unless we settle again.

All of these provides the greater amalgamation of ideas where the decision making and testing times are going to be almost on the similar pattern and one is going to move towards ultimate decision making processes where every action comes up with similar and ultimate reverse actions where the testing time again come and go and move forward.

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