Sextuplet unit of times in months costless Avira AntiVir Premium

Sextuplet unit of times in months costless Avira AntiVir Premium

Six months Free Avira AntiVir Premium

Avira are currently running a promotion that gives you a generous six month license key for the premium (paid) version of AntiVir.The link takes you to German but filing the fields should be easy enough to understand. To translate it to english or to any language of your choice, use Google Translate and or Yahoo Babel services.

you’ll have to uninstall the free version of Avira , before installing the premium version, it is a complete separate download and also supposing that you are using the free version of avira in this sentence context. Free version of Avira contains premium antivirus definitions and root kit detection andsome HIPS functionalities, and in the Avira AntiVir Premium contains the all of the free versions and plus anti spywares definitions and much more and plus speed download server , in free version download takes time.

The process to get Six months Free Avira AntiVir Premium

Go to:
Login with your username (email address) and password.

Go to My Account and download product and key files

download the key on desktop and do nothing with it yet

Then you download the set-up file of the avira premium on the desktop as well. Once you start installing the program it will ask you for the key and then you will get it from your desktop. Once the key is activated and you get the license Six months Free Avira AntiVir Premium. do not delete the key after you activate the product because you will need it to install new versions of avira premium during the 6 month period.

sportsmanlike a subject matter the six month validity period of the key begins the day it is downloaded, irrespective of when it is then subsequently installed.

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