Recreate the world created by YOU

I beseech You, the Lord of lords,
The Master of all incarnations
To recreate the world created by You
Devoid of the ills You never imagined
While creating the trouble- torn world
As your long-term planning failed.


May be Your lords are incompetent
Or have grown old and lethargic by passage of time.


May be You reposed undue trust on them
Too much and too long
Demanding a critical review.


May be performance appraisal and SWOT analysis
Not carried out since creation
Prompting the lords to grow irrational and corrupt.






As the CEO of the world, the Lord of the ring, you owe an explanation for the disturbance, dislocation and dilapidation

Happening, and happening often times.


I hold You accountable and not Your lords
As we trust You and You only.


I warn You not to put my patience to test.
And, enough is enough.
Awake and Act before I disown You.


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