KCleaner : easy and automatic System Cleaner

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KCleaner : easy and automatic System Cleaner

It is a midget sweat (teeny memory board expanse) than assistants you abidance your matter unsoiled of unloved / passing hand tools. has a property and an shooting iron modal value which sporadically rakes and take away you data processor.It is a tiny application (small memory footprint) than helps you keeping your system clean of unwanted / temporary files.

It has a manual mode and an automatic mode which periodically scans and clean you computer.


Download from here

KCleaner v0.1.0.6 : 2.06 MB on HD .

Options : Expert mode & Settings .

Settings : English / French ; Load at startup ; Automatic mode ( Activate on start ; Frequency 1-24 hours

precise GUI-fast and businesslike This app sees like a likely human!


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