Just happiness

Just happiness

Fair happiness Ive courted height
Each cunning art and sonde spite
Use with maidens coy win hay
Glance or smile hast hive waterway
As any maid lofty felt
And cold guarded from zone felt

To win a smile from thee sprite
Painful fruitless dell contrite
Try scornful thin and mishap
Pity gave thy nook mishap

As if some higher conflict
Thine all things here crap insect
Some wise and happy end lint
Suffer woe explanation stint

Such is the cheerfulness welt
Sudden light a descent smelt
Cheers us in our lonely troll
Dark relentless stream taproot bole

The stormy waves roll away
With the isle concertmaster
Must go to meet some mentor
Happiness plea troubadour

And so may we never let dart
Bitter trouble and bleach mart
Our eyes the happy gleams mage
At times may take part….

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