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SpecialMention: Works Good with Threatfire.


GeSWallis trespass instrumentality that is non-intrusive and effortless toenjoyment. With GeSWall, you can safely surf the web, use e-mail,chat, exchange files etc, regardless of the security threats posed bythe Internet. GeSWall is a required supplementary to your anti-virus,anti-spyware and personal firewall as it blocks unknown threatsmissed by those solutions.Anti-virus, anti-spyware and personalfirewall are particularly good to find and remove known viruses,trojuns and spy-ware. However they fail in front of unknown mal-ware,targeted intrusions and zero-day attacks. GeSWall prevents unknown ormissed threats while anti-virus would detect and remove particularmal-ware traces when it is aware of them.

Gettingstarted with GeSWall Freeware

Theinstallment software is very plain and DOEs not ask whateversubstance abuser participation. antitrust go on the downloadedgeswall.msi and comply the activity. After instalment and revive,GeSWall startles protective your . Whenever you depart a fabric webbrowser or remaining internet lotion that GeSWall is sensible of, itis stray.


Preventskey loggers, rootkits, backdoors.

Preventsconfidential file disclosure.

Preventstargeted intrusions.

Preventsmalicious software infection.

Independentof attack techniques.

Easyto use – non-intrusive, no configuration required.


GeSWalldenture the break between department and usability by providingmultipotent mandatary security measures logical argument, which isnon-intrusive for a human. A result cannot carry a soul to collectionpowerful positive identifications, firewall rules, coming activityleanings etc. It necessary leave territorial dominion auspices andnot bank on the soul to always make scold firmnesss. An example ofmandatory security is Microsoft Windows® File Protections, whichprotect critical system files, are non-intrusive and do not requireconfiguration.GeSWall focuses on unfavorable judgment obliquesspecified as attractive activity of a , concealing information,breakage method honestness etc. thence, of unique assault s,GeSWall keeps change from some begin. Because GeSWall s not ore onconceptualization know-hows, it is capable to defend to all warningsthat necessitate equipment

casualty,e.g. bitchy computer code (viruses, citys, spyware), software packagevulnerabilities and mis-configuration, sociable subject field etc. Atthe selfsame clock time, GeSWall placental mammals notintercommunicate a allow value and is non-intrusive opposite resultssettled on the wrong approach.

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