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It is the web operating system or in other words can be said as the internet operating system or else perfectionists say it is a web application. The public beta of this operating system has just been released after much prolonged private beta position of Cloudo Web Operating System. Those are interested can sign up and can use as the web operating system as if you like. Some important message is that its public beta is time bound and during these period it is free , so hurry up do sign up , even if you do not use it right now, till if you think of using it later on then sign up now to get the access of this Cloudo Web Operating System.

Web Operating system is like a operating systems of windows or Linux but it runs on the internet based platform and users need system and existing operating system and internet connection of good flow speed , so that web operating system will run smoothly . Out of many concerns in the web operating systems some are vital for the users, which I have mentioned above is the speed of interface, here by simply using more Ram or upgrading the existing system configuration both of hardware pr software does not guarantee the speed of web operating system functionality but it depends upon the speed of yours internet connection data transferability and also the server web operating systems speed as the day I have tested Cloudo Web Operating System by going through Ghacks it becomes very slow and the next day speed is manageable so these concerns more as of users point of view and the positive point is that it is still in beta. Also I have experienced personally when I use it in Firefox some difficulty and also other concerns for Web Operating System is the data safety and also la ck of functionality , the functionality we use in ours offline operating system may not be available in these Web Operating System leading to non ususablitiy of Web Operating System.

The sign up process of Cloudo Web Operating System does not require any email

verification , which creates some wrong image in mind and also prove that the passwords are not stored and may not be recovered in future which jolts us to the point of no return. Additionally a text clock and a few scattered texts which look like icon titles. The welcome message is movable and a double click on the clock opens an analog clock which is actually working somehow. That’s it. No right click no nothing. Apart from it file uplaoder, viewer and text editor and calendar and some games are there .

Loading time is some what acceptable but in addition to it it does not mean that all the applications load with it but in other words after loading every applications take its time to load , some times it may well have fumed but you have to bear it for now if you want to use it right now.

But the most negative aspect of the Web Operating System is why I should have everything on a remote server, except for losing my privacy. And also what is the guarantee that it will be there forever so that my data loss will not be there as recently I have seen some of the major file preserve internet sites has been offline without a notice.

Alternative: is another such OS


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