Autorun Eater v2.2

Hi am back again

Autorun Eater v2.2


Verify Downloads Easily [HashCalc]:

Warning as there are suspicious Autorun
Eater so veryfy the download through HashCalc before using it.

Autorun Eater takes care of autorun.inf
files before it can be executed on the system. This is done by
actively monitoring the system in real time. It will automatically
remove suspicious autorun.inf files and store them in a secure space
in case of a false positive.

Autorun Eater doesn’t actually scan
the drives the way the anti-virus softwares do, with files being
scanned displayed and all. It only scans or monitors the root
directory of each drive(removable, fixed) for any suspicious
‘autorun.inf’ files which may be used to activate malwares when a
user accesses the drive. The alert only appears if one is found and
deleted which explains the low or non-existent CPU usage.Autorun
Eater doesn’t perform any other task on the drive other than
determining if a suspicious ‘autorun.inf’ file is present so that
shouldn’t disable it.

Also it does have a fun hearing sound
goat sound like Win patrol dog barking.If you don’t like the goat
sound, you can always go to the installation folder(eg. C:Program
FilesAutorun Eater) and remove the ’sound.wav’ file or, rename
it to something else like ’sound1.wav’, whichever you prefer.

Some crazy moments:

Autorun eater takes care

Files before it cam contest

Executed on the lot

done by or cypriot

The system in real cam

Will taxability

Suspicious autorun files grudge

Them in a secure id sludge

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