Do you share your personal computer with others? Then, you should have extreme difficulties in securing most important documents from prying eyes. Files of operating systems are not suitable for hiding and ways back during glorious times of we have seen complete emergence of digital locker from Microsoft, which works nicely but to utter surprise many enterprises asked for it to shut down as most of times they could not see what their employees are keeping in those digital locker. Then, Microsoft completely removes it from it’s set up for progressing in developing one of better applications of all time.

Similarly, with the introduction of 8, Microsoft initiated, cryptologic, where with the using of the shared account, original documents related to administrator, is being kept inside secure password. It is done automatically with 8 but these features are not accessible on XP as well as subsequent versions. Microsoft also stops developing its brilliant locker software and for this users look to different easier option such as ‘My Lockbox’ and similar applications in order to put forwards their endeavor to block important documents in semi-public situation. ‘My Lockbox’ is a complete solution for complete installation of lock bit of secure files and save all these files from the prying eyes.

It is easy, upon installation one is to choose a specific folder to lock it down with a password and even if strange happens to open that file, it would ask for a password to users and that would save that files from prying eyes with others. It’s set up is completely easier and there is no geek knowledge required for this and also the way it works goes on to show how it is easier to set all things up and running. It helps to keep your sensitive files away from trespassers. Main drawback is the absence of no encryption of this software as this could lead to people suspect about existence of some sort of cryptographic software being used by the person. This software is free but there is a paid option available for added features. This software is not completely free of cost. It helps users to limit access to folder and give power to administrator to control and edit file permission.

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Interface of software is good and nice, while there are some issues regarding running and executing of this software but still it runs with good intuitive interface though it provides room for further improvements. On the first glance this software works as it is promised to be and it runs with good speed though there is more room for improvement of this graphical user interface. Considering most of its features is now available free of cost then one should be equally satisfied with all set of its features all in one go.

First and foremost on the one go one could easily set up and create folder control of it without any need for external assistance. Limitation of free account holders to hide only one folder might consider one such limitation but still one could easily add all relevant folders at one of to hide that folder from the prying eyes of a trespasser while using your computer. ‘My Lockbox’ is surely a private application aimed to hide all contents of users and for this one needs to completely have a secure password in order to hide the contents and not lost those contents for all the time. It is important to keep these passwords at a nice place in order to save your file for being lost for ever. If you do not do this there is every chance of your files being lost forever. Be mindful of such traits of privacy based applications.

Many a time, there are some rouged applications which happen to be one of the most difficult parts of it is to uninstall it from its source, and be aware of such privacy based rugged application and one need to be extremely cautious while using such applications.
The protected folder of ‘My Lockbox’ is being kept hiding inside from other applications and users. Even if someone tries hard to log into such through the internet or through some other mediums one could not be succeeding in doing so considering providing important to such application. With its latest version if you lost master password, then you could request such password online while logging into online presence of such software and you could use such provisions and it is important to remember email address so that you could not find any difficulty while losing password of ‘My Lockbox’.

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In this ever growing and faster world where at every time we see flow of large amount of data that corresponds to different demands of work ethics one also should be equally conscious and considerate of how to secure data flow so that at no point of time, loss of important data would not be felt at all. Now, data values for money and most of the large, business organization used to go for acquiring such data so that in the future there would be the largest marketing set up in creating and spreading of awareness among different genres of masses all around. Organizations used to spend astronomical amounts in order to protect and secure data and for this it is important these consciousnesses should also spread to the psyche of individuals in keeping and securing data. Now-a-days data can be accessed through different mediums as well as from diverse applications.

Even many webmasters are feeling the brunt of this heat and they want to password secured directories of web hosting in order to completely secure the entire root directory. These are all parts and parcel of essentials of WordPress and one should clearly know how such works and one should not show these files to outside as most of times, hosting is one such part of network of computers which is connected to internet all the times to provide access to different users to visit such site. For this one needs to be extremely careful and conscious of not letting users to browse different files structures.

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Similarly, is the case with files inside computers where a person who has such files do not want others to see and watch it and use it and that is why need for such application becomes extremely important. I do hope review of ‘My Lockbox’ is extremely helpful for you and it would provide some idea to generate whether you want to use it or not. Humans live in the era of society and want to preserve and protect its own identity and this is basic human nature and it continues to be spread among different strata of implementation of different applications.

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