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I tried several of the choices media players from some of the best tech sites ,found the KMPlayer way too complicated for my thirst at least. I was really disappointed with the VLC player , as it tag too slow and also it seems it is slightly intrusive as I have used the term it seems  and far more inferior to Windows Media Player. So if I use some other free are then it should be at least at par or beyond Windows Media Player.

For music, I found two, AIMP Classic 2.11 and Foobar, that are really low on resources compared to Windows Media player . . AIMP does not rip music as far as I could find, but Foobar does rip music.

Foobar is  a low resource equal of the Windows Media player. The only downside  is that its playlist and library tools are a lot less intuitive and user friendly than Windows Media player, Otherwise it looks pretty good as a Windows MP replacement. Foobar also converts audio files and has visualizations that open in a separate window. and aimp also converts audio files, tag editor, audio library and ability compress database a very usefull function, language support also, it also challenges winamp and windows media player , It is my favorite media player for the time being.

AIMP,  has a fantastic audio library system.A list of your top 100 songs played, and can award it star ratings of songs. It has a list of best songs, never played songs, and new files by week which I think has been phenomenal . It will search the entire drive specified and add new songs to the library, sorting them alphabetically by album, artist, genre, year, or file drive as WMP 11. It is unable to show all the pretty album pictures like WMP 11,but it rely on lowering sytem usages and that is the reason behind this . It does have ripping capability. In its utilities as an CD audio grabber.

As far as draw back it is little difficult to naigate at first but after you getting used to its GUI , it will be a far simpler process you have beeen ever to and it  will feel like after practice as if you are using like as remote.

As winamp began as a mp3 palyer but now plays almost everything uses a lot of system resources and may contain adware if you aren’t careful on the installation. Especially PCs older than 6 years tends  to be slowed down at the using of Winamp, as it consumed a lot of resources memory, which will be absolutely make me uncomfortable , so why cant I use WMP 11 instead which is built in. instead of winamp so my humble suggestion fo AIMP 2

aimp classic in one line can bed escribed as a great music player and a audio library combo.

AIMP Publisher’s Description
AIMP is a multi functional audio center

Thanks to a built-utility, you can easily trans code music from one format to another, write sound with a microphone or other sound device, edit tags music files, as well as a group to rename or sort them. AIMP2 based on the known audio engine BASS, you can easily connect the plug from the library to AIMP.


– Support for a large number of music formats
– A small consumption of system resources
– The great functionality and intuitive interface
– 18 leading band EQ + embedded sound effects
– The ability to work directly with several playlists
– Built-utility sound recordings, audio converter / CD flagship
– Built editor tags with the ability to edit files group, sort of, or rename, there is a preview, support and cover Lirycs
– Easy management system to program the plug
– Shutting down the computer on the timer / playback at the end
– Creating bookmarks, Release Play
– Multi language interface
– Support multiplayer mode
– Customizable global and local hot keys
– The possibility of an expanded search files
– The ability to listen to and record Internet
– Flexible Program
– Audio Library
– The small size distribution
– Support for plug-ins that can help you expand the program: add new utilities and expand existing
– It is possible to connect some of the plug-WINAMP Input, DSP and Gen
– Support for a multitude of audio formats: wav; ogg, wma; cda; mp3; mp2; mp1; mtm; mod; xm; it; aif; umx; s3m; mo3;
– Audio converter allows convert music from a variety of formats to wma, mp3, wav, ogg
– Audio Grabber allows “loot” AudioCD (CDA) in MP3, OGG, WAV or WMA
– Sound allows you to write sound from any audio device with the system in mp3, ogg, wav and wma!
– Editor tags, which you can easily edit tags of audio files, rename files as well as a group, sort of a template or use values tags to a group of files.
– Audio library is an organizer of music files, which will allow you to easily sort your music, songs stand assessment
– You become a good idea, or you like any other player feature?
– Well, you know, make a language-localization AIMP and send it to us.
– There are other areas of cooperation, and if you are a creative person, you will find them yourself.


DSP Engine: Improved work with Winamp DSP
? DSP Engine: Logarithmic volume control added
? DSP Engine: Silence skip (then playing) filter added
? DSP Engine: Sound normalization filter added
? DSP Engine: Voice removing filter added
? SkinEngine: Added ability to add buttons / ?heck box / scrollbars
? SkinEngine: Added ability to align elements with “centre”
? SkinEngine: Added ability to align text in labels
? SkinEngine: Programm’s code optimization
? Advanced Tag Editor: Ability to remove tags of several files
? Advanced Tag Editor: Ability to set cover to several files
? Advanced Tag Editor: Ability to edit MPC / AAC tags
? Advanced Tag Editor: Added AutoTag function
? Advanced Tag Editor: New interface
? Advanced Tag Editor: Programm’s code optimization
? Audio Library: Ability to choose table column’s position
? Audio Library: Expanded fusion with player
? Audio Library: FLAC / APE / MPC / AAC support
? Audio Library: New DB service menu
? Audio Library: New library interface
? Audio Library: Quick navigation panel
? Audio Library: Quick search in grouping tree
? Audio Library: Saving relative file paths from removable drives
? Audio Converter: FLAC, AAC, MPC/MP added
? Audio Converter: Lame encoder updated to v3.98
? Audio Converter: New converter engine
? Audio Converter: New interface
? Audio Converter: Switched on command-line coders
? Quick Tag Editor: Copy data to buffer button added
? Quick Tag Editor: Copy file to buffer button added
? Quick Tag Editor: Autofill tags function from file name / file’s path
? Quick Tag Editor: New design
Playlists: M3U8 playlists support
? Playlists: Now you can add a few folders at once using dialog window
? Playlists: Now you can hide enable/disable track buttons in playlist
? Playlists: Programm’s code optimization
? Playlists: Scrolling playlist bookmarks by mouse wheel
? Playlists: Show marks in Playlist (requires AudioLibrary plugin)
? Playlists: The playlist name becomes folder name if folder added
? Advanced Search: Ability to set lists for file search
? Advanced Search: Displaying of file number in order
? Bookmarks manager: View preference
? Core: Ability to add your owen bookmarks to options
? Core: Ability to wirk with Player: Ability to use “if” statement in string masks
? Player: Autosave queue after closing AIMP
? Player: Displaying of player status in tray hint
? Player: Displaying of true track names instead of signs “next / previous file” on navigation buttons
? Player: Genres are sorted by name
? Player: Main windows transparency settings extended
? Player: MIDI / MOD files play options
? Player: New play / capture Internet-radio module
? Player: New settings screen ergonomics
? Player: Update of function “copy to folder” – “recent folders” list added
? Playlists: Automatic sort playlist function with window “Playlist Customization”
? Playlists: Cut file from playlist if D’n’D & press Alt
? Playlists: Data caching reduced
? Playlists: Load / Save playlist’s operations accelerated

AIMP Version History

Product Date Added
AIMP 2.5 Build 288 RC3 August 27, 2008
AIMP 2.5 Build 276 RC3 August 11, 2008
AIMP 2.5 Build 264 RC2 July 24, 2008
AIMP 2.5 Build 254 RC2 July 14, 2008
AIMP 2.50 Build 238 RC1 June 23, 2008
AIMP 2.5 Build 215 Beta 6 May 30, 2008
AIMP 2.50.211 Beta 5 May 21, 2008
AIMP 2.50 Build 205 Beta 4 May 16, 2008
AIMP 2.50 Build 201 Beta 3 May 14, 2008
AIMP 2.50.201 Beta 3 May 13, 2008
AIMP 2.07.1 Beta November 8, 2007

Developer Artem Izmaylov

Date Added August 27, 2008
License Free

Size 3.3MB
OS Support Win XP/2000/Vista


Sound Card
DirectX 8.1 or above
3 Mb at HDD

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