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Sumatra PDF is free to use. It is a free for , for eBook, XPS, CBZ and CBR file. These are used for reading of files in mobiles, and other platforms. It is powerful and launch within seconds and it can have portable functionality too.

If you are a developer then its source code is also available in GitHub. It has an uncluttered interface. Loads fast with some good features. Though at times complex options are difficult to engage. It is a simple PDF reader and there are no fancy and advanced features attached with it.

It is available in a portable version. So that you are going to take it with USB drives and then insert into computer and use it or if you do not want this execution files to write into the registry, then you are going to use its portable version on the computer.

For the years, we learnt that PDF readers mean slow, buggy software and take humongous time to load on the computer. PDF readers like Adobe readers are very big software and write so many registries into computer

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is from Adobe and Adobe Acrobat DC is available for free to users. While installing this software does check for installation of MCAfee secure and safe connection.It is a big download of nearing to 120 MB. Yours antivirus software might stop this installation so allow to install it. This software for high=ends computing processes.

Many features are included with it and for some features you might need it and if you want to have these features then it is better to choose this software. It has a mobile version of the android and apple operating system. It you are going to synchronize documents with clouds and your signature to and everything is going to stay with cloud to access from each and every device.

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When you first download the Adobe reader on Windows, a download manager fast downloads and it is small in size and then by opening that download manager Adobe Reader software is installed and this is nearer to 120 MB. Read More

What is PDF format?

The pDF format is popularly known as a print document format. This creates a virtual printer within operating system to print the document. For offline scanning of document, the PDF format is popular. The importance attached to this program is that you need to have PDF software installed to run these files. If someone sends you a PDF file and your computer do not have such software installed then that file is not to be read from there.

There are so many PDF software available and this article aims to find out the mostly free software or freeware to help readers to choose from a variety of options. More and more operating systems are providing built-in facilities for such products. Now-a-days everything comes with PDF formats beginning from circulars, bank statement, insurance statement, tax statement and e-books.

That is why there immensely important to have the free PDF software installed on the computer but the thousand question is which one is to choose from the variety of resources available.  Read More

In my other article I wrote immensely about Sumatra PDF and profusely influenced by it, simply because of the presence of a 64 bit versions as well as its portable format. Sumatra PDF is available for download to Windows since the time of .

This program has very low foot print, light on system resources and fast. It is going to perform a simple task as well as it is going to perform a complex task depending upon you choose from PDF files. It is available with installed version as well as a standalone portable version in which it does not write to the registry.

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It is available in 64 bit versions of Windows. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It is available on Windows operating system only. Read More

Focus of Sumatra PDF reader is to show the file immediately without any delay and most users surely go for this software because their primary demand from any PDF reader is mostly this. In the Settings menu, you can find some features but if you are interested in an advanced feature then goes for advance option in its menu bar.

Now-a-days most people are fond of faster and smarter and small software or application. Sumatra PDF is just this for most users. The toolbar present here is very minimalists and it does provide some of the important functions which users do need like zoom in and zoom out of documents. Most users need PDF to just view them and nothing else and this makes it their favorite PDF player to use.



If you go deeper into the menu option, you will find many more options such as sending a PDF file into email as well as others and this is going to make you feel one of small software but it is power to use it. When, you first open it, it will open the list of files that you recently open it and this makes your task easier and that makes the confusion over choosing the files within a computer.

While writing any blog or article or any research paper this features will make you feel happy and comfortable as while choosing out from most articles, you can find related articles which you open recently.


In today’s’ time when we find that most of modern web browser with their PDF functions and they are going to open PDF files on line and offline as well as modern office suite able to produce PDF files from its word file versions.

You can do this with Google Chrome easily without a doubt and slowly the relevance of such small scale PDF software as mostly these functions are now available with various apps as well as web browser such as Google Chrome and others and during these time the important decisions is to take which software to use but if you profusely want to separate each and every software from these lists then you should go for this otherwise some other options are there too.

It is simple and fast and very small footprint and does some good advance functions too. Slowly, when we come out from Windows XP era we do find that the meaning of software is changing and mostly the popular bigger software such as Chrome and others do find plenty of ideas of integration of many such forms and that ultimately makes it the most vibrant and most fascinating aspect whether to use it or not becomes one of the outstanding question lies in the front of us.


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