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This article refers to such person who is desperately doing the middle path to aid and abate corrupt practices. This article aims to awaken readers about such persons who mostly are middle men in every segment of possible office works which need to be eliminated at any cost. Most of these offices work we have to deal with some front benchers who seem to act like they knew everything and this creates a much problem Many times many would obviously not understand why such state of things happening, but that is way it happens and it creates some monotonous environment. Take a look at the electronic complaint site of Government of Odisha, where there are obviously some electronic references where one could directly send complaints to concern authority without roaming around here and there.

It is good and it saves time and energy and more so it saves from so called middle man who can be otherwise called as seal generator working as the lowest form of hierarchy yet their hands reach the top easily. With all electronic management now one could easily log into website of such and then provide complaint with PDF format to concern authority and wait for action to be taken. Is it the correct way of approaching or is it some are done in accordance with law, no one would be able to understand about it but still one could find many different ingredients about it as we could find that there are many no approach as one should go and complain about any grievances then it would say that such complaint send to concerned authority, but in reality the works stops at that point and it did not move forward from there on.

The application stays with the concerned department for long and it continues to say that such and such application is sent to the concerned department and even weeks after weeks you send reminded still there is no update to the action. So what is the need and essential of creating such online complaint site but in reality there is no such work in action and that creates entire situation gloomy for conscious citizens which reminds of same apathy and decadence which we have seen for years while performing manual complain to different departments.

So, after reaching to all digitalization in every front and if such works do not move forward then what is the essential and veracity of creating such online complaint site which not only spends users some valuable internet time but also remove all possible options to carry forward and move forward some of most gigantic proportion of digital divide. By creating all forms of digital conveniences one should not be fulfilling all such options of creating greater digitalization and paperless office proposition.

One needs to take advance all forms of complaints and grievance mechanisms and lead to its logical conclusion. Otherwise all such propositions of digitalization would be nothing but eye washer. Another example of how some seal generators are obstructing normal procedure of official mechanisms creates one such different dynamic disposition where one could find existences of such critical elements from within different elements of every office environment where one would always find it hard to composite.

Take a look at the office of temple administration of Puri, Odisha. Most of administrative works related to temple administration should be performed by officers mostly state government officers but mostly all such informations are consolidated with one clerk who happens to or at least seems to seal generator for the entire office administration there. Mostly the seva of inner Brahmin servitors is being performed through generations and the bedha the day in which all these seva are performed are done by the same family not by others. Surprisingly, it does not happen there as it is seems to be.

There are some examples when bedha of another family is being given to another without any justification and when such information are being asked for the same clerk in the temple office only say same set of words without describing anything about it and he is expert in hiding it everything and giving some astronomical reasons better known only to him, and every time he has every other reasons to provide and justify it and this creates much difficulty and anomalies within specific persons who could not understand what is going behind this.

All these creates the same set of firewall for corrupt officers who hides behind such corrupt officials in order to hide from all these and this creates entire office administration go back to roots where every possibly genuine applications are constant being underlined and sidelined without any such justification and outlining of informations. So how could such corrupt clerks and elements who are hiding all behind seal contents could be devoid of and how system would be cleaner enough for all so that everyone would be feeling comfortable and wonderful without any such disruptions and every work could be done with equal enthusiasts as well as proper order of contentment all in accordance with law of land.

For noble persons it would seem like every where there is darkness and there is no law of land where it is arbitrated by so called seal generators where there is no escape from this and all are perfectly feeling desperate and decadence and even after continuance of stoppages these possibilities continue to obstruct and provide every bit of stoppage in order remove justice for common masses.
Where should be the common man goes? When he tries hard to find out happiness’s out of anything all has been brought into dead end where there is nowhere to go as there are many seal generators at every bit of life and every walks of life where people in general find it hard to comprehend and manage with. Are all this happiness is for these corrupt people and the people who are hiding behind such seal generators.

Is there any way these so called hiding motives of such seal generators could be located and brought to justice, even at times of digitization the entire process stops at one point of time as it seems the front level there is no one to help it out as there is no possible way out up front. No one is there to help it out and every person involves with it finds it really hard to comprehend and it seems every other person has become one of most greedy and possibly the most decadence to the state of selfishness where everyone thinks of its own self and nothing else at any choice of time. How the time has changed and most people have turned into the state of extreme decadence in times to come.

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