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During my Management days the importance attached with Power point is enormous and slowly, there are alternatives evolve and so as various on-line alternatives which continue to provide more and more features to users without spending a pie on buying such expensive software. This article is all about finding such alternatives to PowerPoint that are free to use as well as more and more feature are there.

Those who continue to use PowerPoint finds that the features are limited and management with slides are limited. With the advent affordable internet, we are going to use online versions of it without spending anything more on it. The great news is that we do not have to spend a pie on it and most of it are always free to use.  


Google provides always free apps either in or in web. This is Google slides the PowerPoint version of Google. Here with the logging with Google account you will create, manager, collaborate and present your PowerPoint presentations. If you want to do presentation while on the go then you can download the android version of it and all of these are synchronized at one place.  

It has different varieties of slides with hundreds of fonts and keep it updated from time to time, you can easily embed the video with it and produce animations and do more as you gain experience with it and in addition it has add ons to add more to it.  

The presence of large number of pre-built themes makes you create slides better and easier. All of these get synchronized anywhere and anytime and you do not have to worry about copy of presentation as this is going to stay either at android, or any other mobile operating system and tablet and computer and even without connection this
In a group task all of group members can update it on real time and collaborate at the same time. This can be easily shareable to any one with single click in any of mediums and you are going to receive comment and presentations with it.   Even others from public is going to chat with everyone on real time and with adding their email they are going to suggest with the administrator about it too.

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While creating the slides you are not worry about to save it or not and if you are online then from time to time automatically yours project is saved to yours email account and whenever you stop from there you are going to start from there too. In collaborative environment you are going to see who else are editing on what date and commenting on what date.

The most amazing pattern is that it works with Microsoft Office PowerPoint so you can edit that too with Microsoft PowerPoint too.

Even while you show up presentation you do not need to take computer, even Google slides can run presentation with Chromecast, hangouts and AirPlay and all of these works wirelessly. Creating Google Slides is easy, simply connect to internet and open your web browser and go to Google Slides or download on your mobile device to create slides.

Microsoft Office Sway:

Sway is free with Microsoft account. This software is available free with android, web browser and in 10 as an app and this software is different from Microsoft Office and it saves document in One drive and this is going to be accessed from different devices. While typing with it I found the sentence correction tool is excellent and it is at par with Google Docs and it works faster.  

Its PowerPoint online works fast and nicely and it has prebuilt themes attached with it and you can even upload pre-built presentation with it and check then edit additionally online. You are going to share it online to different social media accounts then all of these are easier to do it. It has different transitions, designs and animations with it and these works flawlessly. You can open it on the offline PowerPoint installer too.
Adding of online videos, smart art, text box and office add ins are there these works flawlessly.  


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Designbold is available in various pricing but its free version is enough to prepare a well-made presentation. It has unlimited storages and over 2 lacks of free stocks. It has free templates, high-resolution editing and download offline facility and invitation for people to collaborate and 5 GB of image storage place with it.

You are going to sign up with it either with Google, Twitter and Facebook or sign up by using your email only. After confirming the email then it is going to ask you who you are and then the slide it presented at the distance looks similar to that of a word but it is comfortable to work with it. It has lay outs, pre-built templates, backgrounds, texts and chat option and there is another option to upload offline slides too.

It calls slides as designs and it has limited option but the text area and the areas are spacious and making the writing part easier. Its lay put is classified into different categories such as documents and letters, social medias, greeting cards, desktop wallpapers, blog traffics and much more. While searching for templates you will find some of the templates are not free and some are free to use.

Similarly, while searching for images and others you will find that some images are for paid ones and some are not and this is the segment where you will choose either to go for completely free or for price and if you choose for free still then there are so many options with it too. If you want to upload images from Facebook then you have to pay the price for it but uploading images from computer is free here.

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In this article of alternative to PowerPoint offline we find that big enterprises such as Google and Microsoft is also providing their online free versions and providing most of features such as collaboration and other forms of sharing and editing and preparation and saving of document on line in cloud is for almost free and the third one the design board is presenting most of these features are free and some of these premium features which you are to use then buy some premium packages from it.

While typing I found the word count of Microsoft Sway provides clear when I stopped typing on the other hand the Google slides provides real time word count. Similarly, I found the saving to cloud is faster in google slides and in Microsoft Sway this takes some time and especially when you type it says saving but the speed of response while type is certainly the Microsoft Sway is number one than that of Google Slides and also the auto correction option here is good and faster.

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