E-mail Shortcuts

E-mail Shortcuts

AFAIK—As Far As I Know
ASAP—As Soon As Possible
BTW—By The Way
FAQ(s)—Frequently Asked Question(s)
FWIW—For What It’s Worth
FYI—For Your Information
GDR—Grinning, Ducking and Running
HTH—Hope This Helps
IAC—In Any Case
IANAL—I Am Not A Lawyer
IMHO—In My Humble Opinion
IOW—In Other Words
LOL—Laughing Out Loud
NDA—Non-Disclosure Agreement
OTOH—On The Other Hand
PITA—Pain In The Axiom
QA—Quality Assurance
Q&A—Question &Answer
ROFL—Rolling On the Floor ,Laughing
RTFM—Read The Fine Manual
TIA—Thanks In Advance
TS—Tech Support
TTFN—“Ta Ta For Now” (àla Tigger from Winnie the Pooh)
WAD—Works As Designed
WRT—With Respect To

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