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Hi here is my new one


Smart SoHo
However, smaler busineses
(between 2 and 25 computers) might not have
the free hardware or expertise to instal and
maintain Squid.

SoHo busineses should have some-
thing Windows-based—easily
instaled tool. Proxyserver machine is just another computer on the network
that the person with the Internet connection
uses. Now Windows can also share a connec-
tion over the Network. The Windows Internet Connection Sharing
,with Proxy+
Will resulting slow surfing speeding up for everyone.

Proxyserver software not only share Net
connections; but also cache files to save band-
width,act as a firewall and much more.

Proxy+ is both free Proxy+ configurations can be
paid versions.
Start > Programs > Proxy+ > Guide, orbrowsers to be set port 4480 touse the proxy,
online at

If you are on dialup, or even broadband dialup
(PPoE), you don’t want to leaveit connected al
the time. Using Proxy+, you can choose to only
dial a connection when someone on the network
tries to acess a site or use a protocol. You have the liberty to
even choose which protocols activate dialing.
Go to Dialing > General and select your
Anti-virusplugins for Proxy+connection—Proxy+wilidentifyandlistalavail-
able connections you have here automaticaly—
Then pres LAN Settings… . Uncheck and click Save.


Available from, FreProxy is, free!

Plugins available for Proxy+. By clicking on the BacktoStatuslink,and then clicking Plugins.
Check the Use Plugins box, then click on Plugin Setings. You can observe
which plugins are available by clicking Registered Plugins. Here can
find Avast4,AVG6, MP3Saver, NOD32,and more. You can also have option to add more.

Make sure you try the free version of Proxy+ before you decide
to buy it .You can save save band-
width and time and instalaproxyserver for your organisation.

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