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Smart SoHo, Proxy Server

Hi here is my new one Smart SoHo, Proxy Server Smart SoHoHowever, smaler busineses(between 2 and 25 computers) might not havethe free hardware or expertise to instal andmaintain Squid. SoHo busineses should have some-thing Windows-based—easilyinstaled tool. Proxyserver machine is just another computer on the networkthat the person with the Internet connectionuses. Now Windows can also Continue Reading »


Hi here is my new one 1 Best Free Web Browser [1] (5.6MB) Install Firefox Extensions Install Plug-ins Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts Firefox pretty much like Internet Explorer however if you want to make it even more like IE http://www.Firefoxie.netFirefox Problem Solving [2] (4.6MB) [4] (1.9MB) [5] (1.86MB) [6] (6MB) Continue Reading »

Online Armor Security Suite

Hi here is my new one Online Armor Security Suite It is a revolutionary product that protects against Spyware, Malware, Trojans and Phishing attacks. Online Armor uses a unique conjuction of behaviour analysis and white list of safe programs.It is a positive way to stop the Spyware, Malware, Trojans and Phishing attacks. Instead of pattern-matching Continue Reading »

E-mail Shortcuts

Hi here is my new one AFAIK—As Far As I KnowASAP—As Soon As PossibleBTW—By The WayFAQ(s)—Frequently Asked Question(s)FWIW—For What It’s WorthFYI—For Your InformationGDR—Grinning, Ducking and RunningHTH—Hope This HelpsIAC—In Any CaseIANAL—I Am Not A LawyerIMHO—In My Humble OpinionIOW—In Other WordsLOL—Laughing Out LoudNDA—Non-Disclosure AgreementOTOH—On The Other HandPITA—Pain In The AxiomQA—Quality AssuranceQ&A—Question &AnswerROFL—Rolling On the Floor ,LaughingRTFM—Read The Continue Reading »

about windows xp

CPUS USED IN PERSONAL COMPUTERS • Intel Processors • AMD Processors • Cyrix Procesors • Motorola Processors • RISC Processors INTEL PROCESSORS •Since 1978, Intel’s processors have evolved from the 8086 and the 8088 to the 80286, 80386, and 80486, to the Pentium family of procesors. Al are part of the 80×86 line. •Intel’s Pentium Continue Reading »

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