Show All Hidden Devices in Device Manager (Windows 2000/XP)

This tweak causes all devices to be DISPLAYED.

Open the windows inbuilt registry editor and find or create the key .

Createa new String value,

or modify the existing value, calledDEVMGR_SHOW_NONPRESENT_DEVICESand set it according to the valuedata below.

Exit the registry ; Restart or log out of Windows for the change to show ups.


System Key:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerEnvironment]



Data Type: REG_SZ (StringValue)


Value Data: (1 = show allhidden devices)



Modifyingthe registry amateurishly can cause serious problems and possibilities of windows not starting again and for that in this case may require you to reinstall operating system which will ultimately loss of yours valuable files and reserves.


Show All HiddenDevices in Device Manager (Windows 2000/XP)

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Modified: 8th Mar 2015

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