running as non-admin

  1. every single Windows admin tool, if the tool requires admin privileges and is being run from non-admin account, prompt for admin . For example, device manager, manage computer, services, etc.
  2.  do not create admin users with blank passwords .
  3. try fast user switching .
  4. In the Run As dialog, choose the 2nd radio button the following user enter the user name and password for the account, and click OK.
  5. The biggest negative disadvantage for Windows users to run as a non-admin are applications that simply failed to start or install if   not logged in as an administrator.
  6. Email, web browsing, and instant messaging do not require administrative privileges, and are common cushions for malicious code to attack end users systems.
  7. To be more secure, users should log on with a Limited   User account (LUA), and use administration rights for specific purposes.
  8. The built-in Administrator account is hidden from the logon UI unless it is the only admin account left.
  9. To transfer Favorites, etc., from  admin account to   new LUA account,   logging on as the admin, finding the Favorites folder, and copying (not moving) the items to the corresponding Favorites folder of your LUA account.
  10. To transfer email account settings, it’s Tools / Accounts / Export…  Put the exported data in a shared location where your LUA account can read them.
  11. Running as Limited User does not by itself make you secure, but it is an important piece of defense wall.

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