·      Startup Audacity, and the first thing you should do is head to Edit >Preferences, or press[Ctrl]+[P],and under the Audio I/O tab, make sure your sound card is selected as the source for both Playback and Recording.

·       Also make sure that the number of channels is setto “2 (Stereo)”, or else every- thing will record in mono.

·      Now make sure you’ve connected the deviceyou are recording from to the correct input jack (microphone or line- First setAudacity to record in stereo from the Preferences in), and also that the sameis being used as the recording source in the Recording Control options (Start> Run>“sndvol32 -record” > [Enter]).

·      If you want to record everything that isplayed through your soundcard, go back to the Recording Control options and setthe input source as Stereo Mix.

·      Now, go back to Audacity and try recordingagain.

·       Ifthere is no clipping occurring, you’re set to start recording.

·      Always start recording before you begin playingback the track from the source—it’s a lot easier to delete blank spaces inwave- forms than to start over and record from scratch because you missed the beginningof the song.

·      To start recording, just pres the big redrecord button, which is the universal symbol for recording.

·      Now, quickly start the source audio that youwant to record and wait for the song to finish playing.


·      Once you’re done recording, you can chooseto just save  the file ,or normalize itfirst.

·      Point it to the right location and then save the file as an MP3.

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·      You will also be asked to provide ID3 taginformation for the MP3 you are creating.

·        you can try and edit the files before savingJust ad the ID3v2 information and them, and apply effects to them pres OK to saveas MP3 such as Bas Boost for songs with weak bas lines, but that’s not commonpractice.

·       Whether it’s guitars, vocals, recording from streaming video or just simply converting your audio cassettes into the MP3 format, the procedure for recording and saving remains the same.

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