·      Use headphones instead of speakers.

·      This is because, with the default settings,anything you input into the PC is output through the speakers.

·      So if you speak into a microphone, unlessyou specifically mute its output, your voice will be played back through yourspeakers.

·      This can cause feedback or weird echoes.

·      Do a test record, for which you can use Microsoft’sown Sound Recorder.

·      Go to Start > Programs >Accessories>Entertainment >Sound Recorder.

·      You will se the Sound Recorder window.

·      Click on the big red record button to startrecording.

·       Ifyou’re going to be speaking You can use the “sndvol32 -record” command to intothe microphone, get directly to Recording Control do so normally.

·      Then play back the sound to make sure itisn’t to louder to soft.

·      If it is either to loud or too soft, you willhave to go to the Recording Control—Start > Run, type in “sndvol32 -record”and pres [Enter].

·      Here, increase or decrease the volume ofthe microphone as required.

·      Once you’ve set a satisfactory volume, youshould be able to hear your voice clearly without Youcanusethe“sndvol32-record”any distortion or jarring.

·      This command to get directly to Recording Control means that your microphone is set optimally.

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