Mohan Manohar January 20, 2008
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Titleof the article:     CRM in Business Schools




Source:      Customer RelationshipManagement- A key to corporate success V.Venkata

                     Ramana and G. Somayajulu  252-256



Authoredby: V.Venkata Ramana, Avanti B and Harikrishna Rao;




                There  are over 900 B-Schools. in India. As India hasstepped into the era of

                 globalization,the proliferation of B-Schools raises serious question on the

                 quality ofthe management education-schools as any other business serves

                 thecustomers with product /service. Through the use of CRM B-Schools

                 understandthe need and want of the customers and try to fulfil those needs

                 can servetheir customer better. “I think we do better by using our technology

                  tools toimprove the quality of interactions with our customers rather than

                  the qualityof information about them”- Tom Bajzek(




               Todaydue to the technological advancement, changing life styles of customers,

               DSS, internet CRM is more than just a set oftechnologies. CRM also

               encompassesthe enabling network of ‘touchpoints’by which organization can

               gain sustainable customer advantages. Thecustomers of B-schools are students

               faculty, funding agencies and employing organizations.Students are the primary

               customers. They have to design their productsto satisfy their requirements

               and enhance student’scapabilities. The funding agencies are lifeblood of the

               organization.Faculties are provider of educational services. Employing

                organizationsneed to be provided with graduates with certain skill set of their
















              CRM as a toolwhich can be used in B-schools as a means of providing

                mutuallybeneficial relationship with its customers. Implementation of CRM is

                a cycle ofthree processes and the phases are assessment, planning and the

                execution.The assessment is to scan the environment to understand the

                customerbetter by acquiring the customer from the customer through different

                touch points. The planning is toanalyze the information to understand the

                customers andapproach them in a planned way. The execution phase of the

                cycle iswhere B-School puts all this knowledge to work, using all of the

                customers .







             B-School should have customercentric academic vision. In such markets where  

             Technology ischanging by the minute, organizations take initiatives to obtain

             event the slightest competitive edge. Theimpact of CRM is being felt on CSI

             and criticalword of mouth and viral marketing that attracts new enquiries and

             accounts. CRMleds to Customer Response System which have a mechanism to

             capture warningsignals at an early stage to enable proactive preventive  action.

             CRM helps inpublicize the existence of the system for usage of the student by

             Putting upposters in the centre, announcing in the by the faculty. The aim was to

             go beyondcustomer service, the endeavor was creating a virtuous cycle  , a

             Spiral processof the learning organization                                                    



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