Call centers in health care sector

Source:      Customer RelationshipManagement-  A key to corporate successV.Venkata

                     Ramana and G. somayajulu 207-212



Authoredby:  N.Raghavendra Rao;





                   Customerrelationship Management (CRM) is essentially a business strategy

                  andmaintaining the right customers over a long period is its objectives.

                  There are a number of channels availablefor interacting with customers. One

                  of thesechannel is ‘electronic’ channel and has been leveled as ‘e-CRM’. It

                  will beappropriate in health care sector if this is leveled as ‘e-health service

                   management’(e-hsm). In the case of healthcare sector providing the right

                   type ofinformation to patients and doctors is its objective. The concept of

                   e-hsm canbe achieved through the call centers in health care sector. The

                   number ofpeople having telephones is more than computer systems.                         .





               The recentapproach of IT is to promote individual one-to-one relationship with

               customers.There are a number of channels available for interacting with

               customers.Providing timely service and care is the primary responsibility of all

               the hospitalauthorities. The ability to recognize this process and to actively

                manageit forms the basis of CRM process. Information components of patients              

               consists ofavailability of service, medicines, patient education and pertaining

                insurance andfor doctors are medical websites, medical equipment

                manufacturersand pharmaceuticals. Integrated healthcare call centers consists

                of logicalinformation, confidence in information , cohesive information and











          There are certainfactors to be born in mind while setting up a e-hsm. The diversity

         of country meansthat the callers would speak different languages and may not be

         comfortable inEnglish in India.Customers would not prefer their queries would be

         answered by a layperson with no medical background. Delivering value is the

         building block ofrelationships. Patients perceptions of value consists of factors                    ,        such as quality of service,ease-of-delivery-without hassles,speed,responsiveness

         flexibility and service excellence. “CRMand e-hsm solution should include broad

         array of systems,software  and professional services  that should help hospitals in

         making on timedeliveries to hospitals”.

                                                                           (Relevanceof CRM in hospital services-

                                                                          K.M. Mital)                    



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