Back up your files

Back up your files

XP has free back-up utility. Go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Back-up.

In windows xp home it will not be installed automatically , then you have two ways , get it from

windows backup site

or Insert the original windows xp home edition cd, and migrate to [CD Drive]:VALUEADDMSFTNTBACKUP.

Double click on Ntbackup.msi and it will start a wizard that will be installing the Back-up Utility.

After installing open the back-up or restore wizard from start menu ,then click next , select Back-up files and settings radio button then click next , click all the information in this computer on the what to back-up page , then click next , click choose a place to save your back-ups and select your external hard drive,or cd/dvd drive on the back-up type, destination ,and name page and click next , click finish on the completing the back-up or restore wizard page . After The process completes the windows backup saves copy of you files on the external drive and if you lose some data , then run the restore wizard and select restore files settings and radio button , then the wizard is self explanatory .

It is recommended to back -up your files in every ten day or ina fort night .

Windows Driver Backup



allows  to view, backup and restore ,print out a driver list of your Windows drivers.

Before backing up run Windows Device Manager to check the conditions of all your drivers functionality.



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Modified: 28th Feb 2015

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