What is multitasking





1. Basic Services

• The operating system manages al the other programs that run on the PC.
• The operating system provides services to programs and the user, including file management, memory management, and printing
• To provide services to programs, theOSmakes system cals—requesting other hardware and software resources to perform tasks.

2. Sharing Information

• Some operating systems, such as Windows, enable programs to share information.
• You can create data in one program and use it again in other programs without re-creating it.
• Windows provides the Clipboard, a special area that stores data cut or copied from one document, so you can re-use it elsewhere.

3. Multitasking

• Multitasking is the capability of running multiple proceses simultaneously.
• A multitasking OSlets you run multiple programs at the same time.
• Through multitasking, you can do several chores at one time, such as printing a document while downloading a file from the Internet.
• There are two types of multitasking: cooperative and preemptive.


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Modified: 12th Mar 2015

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