Configure the Windows XP SP2 Firewall

Windows XP’s Service Pack 2 contains a considerable upgrade to the operating system’s built-in firewall software.

The firewall is enabled by default, unless   another form of software firewall installed on your PC such as Zonealarm.

The new version of the firewall also contains more flexibility, and watches out for some new threats and actions.

To configure the SP2 Windows XP firewall go to ‘start control panel windows firewall.’

If the firewall is enabled, it will be ‘on’ here. Firewall checks security violations from trespassers.

The ‘don’t allow exceptions’ option allows no internal software to accept outside connections.

my present desktop (for the ´desktop only´-group)

Exceptions, as accessed by the ‘exceptions’ tab, allow certain programs installed on   computer to accept connections from the Internet which would otherwise be blocked by the firewall.

Choose ‘add program’ to add any application from a list of all that are installed on  PC. Once checked, this program can act as though the firewall did not exists.

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