Troubleshooting Hardware Device Conflicts In Windows

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Troubleshooting Device Conflicts In Windows

*Â Â Â Hardware devices can conflict with each other due to a variety of reasons.

*Â Â Â Every hardware device instaled must be alocated a set of operating system (Windows) resources to operate corectly.

*Â Â Â Â These resources include IRQ, DMA (Direct Memory Aces), I/O port addreses and memory resources.

*Â Â Â Some of these resources will be shared by more than one device while others can not.

*Â Â Â This depends on the capabilities of the hardware and its softwared rivers.



 Device Conflict Symptoms

*   A hardware conflict may occur when  add a new device to


*   Insome instances, this conflict will not cause any problem, and depending on the operating system   may not even be aware that such a conflict exists.

*Â Â Â Typical symptoms of hardware conflicts include:

*Â Â Â The operating system may freeze frequently

*Â Â Â The new device may sufer performance problems

*Â Â Â An existing device that is conflicting with the new device may sufer performance problems

*Â Â Â Windows starts in SafeMode

*   The system crashes and  get  BSOD(Blue Screen ofDeath)

*Â Â Â The sound card stops working or stuters

*Â Â Â The screen jumps and shows garbled images

*Â Â Â The mouse stops working

*   Modem/network card doesn’trespond

*   CD/DVDdrive doesn’t respond or crashes the system

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