How to Access Blocked Websites

How to Access Blocked Websites


Popular sites that are oftenblocked in offices, school and workplaces are Google News, Typepad, Orkut,ebay, Blogger blogs, YouTube, Blogger,Facebook, MySpace, Pandora, Bebo, Photobucket, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL AIM, Flickr,,etc


These tricks should be used by the persons those who have legitimate reasons to use it .

  • Anonymous Surfing – Browse theinternet via a proxy server.
  • *    Enter the URL in Google or Yahoo search and then visit the cached ofthe page.

  •  Use Google Mobile Search. Googledisplay the normal HTML pages as if you are viewing them on your  mobile phone

  •   Toaccess the blocked Web site. type the IP number instead of the URL in theaddress bar.

  • Use Website  Anonymizer that fetch the blocked sites from their servers and display it 

  •  Use Google language tools service as a proxy server.  Google translate  page from English to English (or whateverlanguage you like).

  •  Use aURL redirection services like or


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