Create Alarms and Reminders with Windows XP’s Scheduling Service

  Create Alarms and Reminders with Windows XP‘s Scheduling Service

*     To open the scheduled tasks application, go to ‘startall programsaccessoriessystem toolsscheduled tasks.’


*    To create a musical wakeup call, drag and drop a single MP3 file (or a playlist) into the scheduled tasks window.

*    To create a text file reminder that will pop up at certain times, create a notepad document with the desired info, save it and then drag it into the scheduled tasks window.

*    Now right click the new entry and hit ‘properties.’

*    In the ‘tasks’ tab,  need to fill the ‘start in:’ box with the application you want to use to open the text or music file.

*    To use notepad, type ‘notepad.exe’. To use Windows media player type ‘wmplayer.exe’.

*       using another application to play MP3 files as your default, ‘wmplayer.exe’ should start that app instead. If not,  need to use the ‘browse’ button to locate the .exe file of your MP3 playing software.

*    The ‘schedule’ tab allows   to set the time, date and frequency of the alarm or reminder.

*    The ‘advanced’ button contains further options.

*     Once   set   schedule, hit Ok and right click on the new entry in the scheduled tasks window again.

*    Choose ‘run’ to test that everything is working correctly, and from them on   scheduled task will now occur at the time you set.

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